Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas 2011 San Antonio: EEEE-ha!

Can you stand a little more Holiday Cheer? Then, stay tuned!

You may have seen our photos already if you are Facebook Friends. But, no matter, here we include the narrative.

Chrismas 2011 found my family gathered around the tree at Allyson's home, in San Antonio. Although Texas was foisting untypical weather upon its citizens and visitors, we were warm and snug, by the light of the gas fireplace AND the glow of HD Yuletide Log on television. Mommy and boys snuggled as they had to wait.

One of our traditions is that we may eye the goods but wait until Mike reads the Christmas story in Luke 2.

Then, let the games begin.
(notice the video fireplace)

Gramma was overruled: the boys received air rifles from their Granpa. Later, in the back yard, we discovered that they are, in fact, a bit too young to enjoy these. Next year, I'll bet.

We shipped Zach's gift ahead. He now owns a mandolin. I got a harmonica and we planned to make some music. "Sitting on the dock of the bay"

I've been practicing my C chords.

Then, it was time for a nap before dinner.

Allyson prepared a repast worth the wait. We would continue to enj0y baked ham and sweet potato fluff for several days beyond.

As visitors, we had our tasks. Allyson handed her dad a list, a long list, of fix-it projects. 5 or 6 trips to Lowes and the list was history.

Uncle Zach's job was to provide music AND Uncle Time

My 'jobs' involved Cuddle Time.

Teaching Drew, left-handed darling, to tie his shoe.

And, of course, reading. Lots of reading in this house.

There are so many intangible blessings when family can gather and share love. For our part, we enjoyed this time with no health concerns. Much hugging, laughing, and getting things done.

I hope your Christmas was filled with joy. Ours certainly was.


  1. Wonderful!!! Loved the pics and the report of good health days... janis

  2. Just checking in on you tonight and LOVED the pix! Sending love and always our prayers! Kristine