Sunday, February 12, 2012

No, we haven't fallen off the edge of the planet...

It's been a busy two weeks here. I have updates but for now, let me call on you to remember us in prayer during this next week.

Monday, Mike will get his next chemo treatment and then return to the week of oral chemo. During the last two cycles, this wiped him out for much of the week.

Although we really do love each other, we're good if Valentine's Day involves naps and cuddles.

But, Mike is putting the finishing touches on his next talk: he'll be speaking at The Kokomo Huddle on Wednesday. I'm taking 1/2 day off so I can attend.

Then, he continues to practice as he will be joining the band at Oakbrook Church next Sunday.

So, while you await all the other news, please pray for us this week.


  1. So glad Mike is speaking again and playing with the band at Oakbrook.... what a gift God has given him - in message and abilities....
    Holding you both close in my prayers, janis

  2. So thankful for the update, Lynne! Praying over chemo and also for those who attend Mike's speaking opportunity on Wednesday, confident God's light will shine brightly through him.....sending love! Krisitne PS: II Chronicles 16:19 "You asked God for help and He gave the victory. God is always on the alert constantly on the lookout for people who are totally committed to Him." (The Message)

  3. Continuing to hold both of you up in fervent prayer!