Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Day Off: A Day to Note

February has been busy around here. And tomorrow, being Presidents' Day, I get a day off from school. I really love what I do but sometimes, well, it consumes my time and then I drop into bed and sleep very well. I have 4 drafts of blog update, in long hand, that I plan to translate, hopefully tomorrow.

Tomorrow also marks 3.

3 years ago, 2/20/09, was the day that Mike first checked into the ER at our local hospital, feeling that something was amiss. Within 6 weeks, we had our diagnosis and the surgeon's data-guided prognosis.

"Get your affairs in order. Statistically, this will take your life in 6 - 8 months."

Well wishers love to spout aphorisms like "Doctors don't know everything." And although that's true, OUR doctor understood that Mike operated a very busy law firm and cared for 1000+ clients. He had employees. He had legal obligations. OUR doctor's advice was purposed and helpful.

Within 2 months, the office was closed successfully and Mike and I prepared, as best we could, to untangle the rest of our daily lives. We held each other close and outlined whatever else we thought needed to be done.

As we say, often, how weird it is, to be living like this, living and having shelved all those POST-Mike agendas.

So many of you continue to stand with us. We thank you. We pray that God's purposes will continue to be done in us and through us.


  1. love you guys... nice to read your post again... 3 years... my - God is good... love, janis

  2. By virtue of you two having purposefully placed the totality of your beings into the always-faithful Hand of a Loving God, He has, is, and will continue to work out His perfect will in you both.

    He is startling us all and calling us to remember that He is Lord of all. He is Lord of wellness and of sickness. He is Lord of peace and of strife. He is Lord of beginnings and of endings. He is Lord of our salvation. He is Lord of all that is love.

    My fervent, daily prayers continue for you dear ones. And for the work He is doing in you and through you I praise God's Precious and Holy Name!

  3. Loved seeing Mike play today at Oakbrook, hoping to see you both this Friday at The Brick. Love you both, praying each day for you!