Sunday, October 9, 2011

Two Specific Prayer Requests

And so ends another gorgeous weekend at the lake. From last week to this, the trees have gone from the hint of autumn to full bore explosions of red and orange and yellow.

Out away from town, there’s that almost forbidden scent of burning leaves. Ok, I know it’s probably bad for the environment, but to me, it’s as much a part of autumn as are caramel apples. Yum.

And let me repeat: YUM!

As you head into this week, our friends, we’ll ask for specific prayers on our behalf.
Mike begins a new round of treatment on Monday. I believe he gets ‘infused’ on Monday, takes pills for 6 days and then back to the oncology department. Except for the poison part, he looks forward to these trips: the unit is staffed with angels who smile, pat, hug, and giggle whenever they can. As for the treatment: we hope to buy time, to keep new growth in check, to see many more glorious weekends together.

Speaking of weekends, next Sunday, Mike will be speaking at our church, Oakbrook Community Church, in Kokomo. Way back two years ago, our minister interviewed Mike who was, as you may remember, facing mortality in the face. That interview was used in a church-wide small group setting. About 6 months ago, another local church asked to interview Mike. Then, they posted it on their web site and, as they say, it went viral. Then, about a month ago, Mike spoke at the Kokomo Huddle, a weekly lunchtime men’s meeting at the YMCA.

Each time, Mike has come to see that this is, at least, one of the reasons that God has waited to take him home. Mike has learned a lot and has been able to impart that to others. We know it is God’s work. So, the next time, up there on the dais, all by his lonesome, facing his homies, he feels the pressure and import.

Look, you and I know that he’ll do fine. What our prayer is: that God will be honored, that God’s message for someone in attendance will be clearly delivered; that Mike will have the energy to do his job at both services, 9 and 11.

That’s it for now. Thanks.


  1. As I continue to pray for you and Mike each day, this week I will pray for God to multiply the effectiveness of the treatment.

    And, I will especially pray that Mike's sharing will be uniquely empowered by the Holy Spirit to touch the lives of those who hear the work that God has done and is doing in and through Mike's walk with our Savior.

  2. Praying for Mike's strength before, during and after his Sun talk...

  3. I join you in that prayer that the people God has in mind will be there, have open and ready hearts and that Mike will be allowed to be used by God in such a special way. Also praying for strength