Tuesday, September 29, 2009

October Agenda

For the semi-retiree and the on-leave teacher, our October calendar has a lot of items entered on it. Some of these will nudge our direction in the coming months. Some are just for fun. And, as so many of you pray for us, we want to keep you within the circle of our needs.

Doctors’ orders for September were to go and play. We did our best. October brings us back to the doctor. Friday, Mike will get punctured for lab work. He will also bring home ‘the stuff,’ the liquid he must drink for Monday. On Monday, he will go back to the hospital for his second high contrast CT. We will meet with Mike’s doctor on 10-13 in the afternoon, to discuss the findings of the labs and scans.

As I flip to October, I spy a few lingering legal matters that Mike will finish for clients. Son-in-law Jeremy tried, really tried, to get all files away from his buddy but Mike held onto some. Who knew that he would be able to work with his clients this fall? Well, God did. A reverse from years past, Mike has to doff his T-shirt, shorts and Chucks, and slide into the lawyer costume for these performances.

Blessing abound. A year ago, some very talented musicians created a concert of Beatles music, using authentic instruments. Guitar junkies were delighted to view the set with all its guitars. Proceeds aided a local food pantry. As they previewed, Mike leaned over and whispered, “Oh man. I’d love to be up there.”

So guess what? They decided to do it again. This year’s concert is much bigger; there are three sets that will move the concert through the Beatles’ music. Mike got the call. Would he like to play in the early set? Well, yes he would. And he will so there are rehearsals on our October calendar.

Among rehearsal dates, Mike and college buddy Dale will be traveling down to Deals Gap to run their motorcycles on The Tail of the Dragon. (see former post and check out http://www.dealsgap.com/)

A few months ago, when the people at our house thought that any day we’d speak our last, Mike whispered to me that he wished he could have more time and that he’d give just about anything if he could play guitar with Zach. So when one concert musician bowed out and they asked Zach to fill in, well, father and son will be playing together.

This year’s concert will benefit Bridges, a local youth organization. Check out http://www.concertwithacause.org/. And, if you are within driving distance, you will be blessed and will be a blessing if you join us on October 11.

Way back in July, Mike asked our pastors for an avenue of service. He was thinking about building maintenance and cleaning. Instead, they told him that they’d like him to teach one of the fall classes at church.

“I won’t be here,” said Mike.

Gratefully wrong again. So what’s right is that he will be teaching a class on three Wednesday nights. The working title is “How to Stay Married/How to avoid paying a divorce lawyer a lot of money.”

Tuesday, October 13 marks the date that The Kokomo Rescue Mission will dedicate their newest acquisition, Mike’s former office and parking lot. We all know that God will continue to use this mission to aid the fallen and reach the lost. Then, in the afternoon, we will meet with Mike’s doctor.

So, as you pencil us in, the short version for your prayer list:

10 – 2 Lab work
10 – 5 CT
10 – 6 through 9 Deals Gap/Dragon Tail
10-11 Concert with a Cause
10 – 13 Rescue Mission Dedication AM
10 – 13 Meeting with doctor PM
10 – 14/21/28 Mike’s class at Oakbrook

Last weekend we took a quick trip to New Albany (Indiana). Our brother-in-law Steve met us there as his family gathered to celebrate the home going of their father, W.A. Amerson.

Somewhere beyond the clouds, W.A. joins the love of his life, Virginia, who went home to heaven several years ago. Personally, I have never known a long-married couple who was as much in love as these two sweethearts. Passing is always sad but we can all rejoice because the love birds are together again.

Our time with Steve (and Kris and Matthew) was brief but since the last time they saw Mike, he was 2 weeks out of surgery, they got to see the hale and hearty Bolinger.

Southern Indiana displays the first blush of fall. What a beautiful drive! Thanks for staying with us on our journey. We will keep you posted.

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