Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Funk and Fun

We kept our appointment Monday for Mike's CT. There's the prep...drinking the stuff..and the actually test and then we walk away.

Entering the hospital, even as an outpatient, puts Mike in a funk. We spoke little over our after- test breakfast. It feels wrong, going into the place, meeting with whatever specialist for a few minutes and then walking away. There's no logic here....just a feeling.

The, as we couldn't mow on Saturday (cold and rainy), Mike said, "You know, I"d like to go up to the lake." Well, why not? We are not currently bound by week day appointments. So, we drove up, ate lunch with sister Lisa and mowed.

The day turned into one of those glorious autumn days that we love around here. A bright blue, cloudless sky and a light breeze. The trees are turning; flower boxes will need to be emptied soon. Lawn mowed, we drove back to Kokomo.

Later in the day, college friend Dale arrived. The men ate dinner and then drove out to concert practice. Dale reported that "it sounds good" and that there was a lot of technical adjustments made to make that sound perfect.

Dale and Mike were to leave this morning at, as Dale puts it, a very colorful picture image that means early early early. My job was to pack the cooler. I rolled over at 5 and thought about getting up, but not for long. I rolled over again at 7:30 and decided I better get to my chores.

The boys ate breakfast, loaded up the trailer with their motorcycles, packed the Durango with clothes, cooler, and gear, and they were off to Deal's Gap, on the Tennessee/North Carolina border. They will meet up with Mike's cousin Scot and will ride the trail for several days and then return. Dale plans to stay over until Monday.

Mike and Zach have dress rehearsal on Saturday and then the concert (www.concertforacause.org) is Sunday.

More fun than funk.

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