Thursday, September 17, 2009

Restless Night

You've probably read about Patrick Swayzee who died earlier this week. Then yesterday (Wed), both Myles Brand and Mel Simon passed away. Today's Indianapolis Star filled its front page with the story. All suffered from, fought against and ultimately lost the battle with pancreatic cancer.

That news hits harder in our home. Although Mike has gall bladder cancer, his diagnosis shares much with pancreatic cancer...the life expectancy after diagnosis is similar. So one's mind wanders to unhealthy places where the walk will do you no good.

Mike has been feeling well. We returned Wednesday from a trip that I will write about later. We had glorious weather and a good time. But he gets strange pains in strange places and although some are nowhere near his surgical scar, for at least fleeting moments, they are cancer and this is it.

I've been reflecting on how blessed we continue to be and how your prayers have visited many miracles on us. Prayers for time; prayers for special gifts like our anniversary and Mike's birthday; prayers for family whose challenges have added to our own. God has shown His hand.

As believers, Mike and I know that God will be glorified and that He will work our trials toward the ultimate goal of building His kingdom. We don't need to know the specifics, but He has graciously shown us some glimmers of how Mike's illness is touching others. I'll leave that vague and general for now. I don't want to highlight anyone specific but we are thankful that the Father has given us this glimpse of His working in the world.

Now today, we are restless. Mike has a strange pain on the inside of his left arm. It is tender and looks a little swollen to me. I quizzed him on what different activity he might be doing. He has had to stretch and swivel his arms to fit bolts on the Lotus, which by the way, is looking like a car these days. Could that be it? Maybe. Or maybe something else.

So pain and fretfulness are keeping us up tonight. I know many will not read until tomorrow. I will share this with you, our many friends, as another way you can prayer for us.

So, good night and God bless you. He IS in the blessing business.

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