Sunday, June 14, 2009

What a Great Day!

That’s what he said. “This is how every day should be.” I agree. The last 24 hours have been glorious.

Great Days come in many forms… weather, seasons, locations. Today it came in on the faces of guys who dropped by. Many friends have been in touch with cards and phone calls and today, some turned up the driveway, turned off their cars and sat for a spell on the woodshop’s porch. When Mike is out in his shop and the lights are on, when the third garage door is open and the Lotus shell is in view, we have always thought that this is a ‘come on in’ sign. Today it was.

There was Morgan who dropped by on his day off and stayed for several hours. There was Lynn who is connected to the Lotus project in the garage. There was Dr. Jeff, fresh from his shift. There was Dave, Scott, and neighbor Mike. And then Zack. The hub was busy and social, calling it a night late into the night.

I know that friends have been cautious about invading our space and respecting our privacy. Also, perhaps like myself in the past, some are uncomfortable coming to see the sick guy. What to say? What to do? “I’m not good at THIS,” one friend confessed.

Well, he’s not so sick, ya’ll. Friends don’t have to worry. These guys just hung out. They talked cars, motorcycles, guitars…you know, guy stuff. I think they enjoyed themselves as they stayed. I AM sure that they poured out some magical elixir that warmed Mike’s soul.

Then there was, apparently, quite a basketball game on TV. Something about overtime, jump shots, amazing feats of swishing nets. There was a good night’s sleep, windows open with a cool breeze and many blankets.

The morning brought a deep blue sky with wisps of clouds. Then Dad and Son unleashed more healing magic. They set up their acoustics in the living room and began to play. Toes thumping, heads nodding, the tune was Harlem Rag. Mike played lead. Zack played back up. They both smiled, joked, coached, and played some more.

I was called in to be the audience. It was glorious to watch my boys making music together.

Then, as I met a friend for lunch, Dad and Son ran some errands and hung out, Mike said, like old friends. They washed the truck, made a book store run, and cruised the aisles at Handy Hardware. Zack is amused at the very idea of Handy Hardware. Finally, they enjoyed some gyros by the banks of Wildcat Creek.

We are off to the lake. Some friends plan to come up after church on Sunday. I had thought we might open up the Trivial Pursuit 90's edition...we were all awake and aware in the 90's. UH. I have been peeking at questions and think we'll stick to UNO.

We’ve asked for your prayers, for our meeting next Friday, where our doctor will discuss the CT scan. Until then, we are going to live like today is the kind of normal day we want to face every day.

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