Friday, June 26, 2009

Also this weekend...........

So besides all the other things on our minds, this weekend will bring the 16th Annual Mideast Sprint Optimist Triathlon to Winona Lake, Indiana.

Early Saturday morning, 700 or so enthusiasts will gather by the shore, eager to test their individual mettle. Ready..Set..Go!

400 yd. open water swim
and then
13 ½ miles bike ride
and then
3 ½ miles run

All for glory of 1) bragging rights; 2) a T Shirt; 3) possible door prizes; and 4) snacks.

I can't imagine what would motivate anyone to give this a go. There will be those present who follow these things around the country (world) for the glory of the win.

One would think that unless you had a chance of placing, the attraction is individual success. Since you’re not really competing with anyone but yourself, you cheer on each participant. BUT this is Indiana and there’s been a lot of trash talking going on around here. Sons and sons-in-law, brothers, nephews and nieces, sisters-in-law, neighbors are getting pumped.

We are, as always seems to be the case, looking at the hottest, stickiest weekend of the year. At the 8AM start, the temperature will be hitting the high 80s. By noon, those still standing will get to wilt under 100 degree skies and blistering sun.

Some of us will be sitting and sipping cool drinks, under big shade trees or MAYBE inside a nice air conditioned bedroom.

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