Friday, June 19, 2009


Getting the Roll is a basketball term, according to the hub. The player shoots. The ball circles the rim...sometimes it goes in...sometimes it goes out.

We knew you were carrying us as we went to this morning's appointment.

They wanted more blood work. Why? To confirm? To double check? Oh wait, they checked his chart and no, they didn't need more.

We were on time and they were not. As this is unusual, we began to ruminate about the whys....are they collecting themselves before they tell us? Are they assembling the crisis team along with major sedation for the hysteria that will follow? Are they clearing the sound-proof room with the padded walls?

You see why we need your prayer support. The nurse breezed in to take notes, check blood pressure, ask questions about pain. Mike reported that he felt fine, was swimming, biking and flying. She remarked that he had gained 10 lbs. Was that a note of amazement in her voice? Cancer patients LOSE weight, don't they?

She left and then in came the doctor. "Well, I have good news."


"Your CAT scan is completely normal. We see nothing."


I asked and she said, "We have looked at the entire abdomen. The liver, the pancreas, the lungs, the spleen, the stomach. We see nothing at this time."


I indicated that this was not what we expected. "It's exactly what I was expecting," she said. "That's why I mentioned you as a great candidate for treatment."

We recovered enough to ask some intelligent questions. The treatment would target the area of the former gall bladder and should keep a tumor from growing there "which would be painful."

She did not say that there will not be tumors someday. BUT today, there is nothing. Nada. NOTHING.

"Did I get the roll?" he asked me. He had to explain the term and then we hugged and said, "Yes" together.

What does this mean? Well, first more time. LOTS more time. Time to live. Time to love living.

The doctor then discussed the treatment would be a combination of radiation and a specialized chemo that must be taken through a port. A port means an outpatient procedure, so we'd go back to our Kokomo surgeon.

We will meet with radiologist next Tuesday, for an informational meeting. No decisions need to be made today. We are packing up and headed to the lake. This weekend promised to be hot and sunny. Fun fun fun.


  1. Mike and Lynne;

    How wonderful. Many in the Clerk's office have been praying for you. Isn't God wonderful.


  2. What great news! Rejoicing with you -- have a FABULOUS weekend at the lake!

  3. I absolutely LOVE good news! And I'm sure you're enjoying it as well...