Friday, June 5, 2009

Hot hot hot

We are in San Antonio, visiting with Jeremy/Allyson and those gorgeous, very active boys. The local news says we are having an uncharacteristic 'cold snap' meaning it's only 90 today.

Last night, we all went to their fitness center, nothing like I've ever seen before. Huge. Busy. The boys showed off their skills as the sun was setting. (85 degrees) Noah (3) is fearless, jumping into the deep water..for him that's about 4 feet but deep is deep. Drew can now put his head in the water and, using 'big arms,' take a few strokes.

And the grampa, for the first time in a long time, donned goggles and swam laps. He has a graceful, efficient stroke, honed during his competitive days. It looked good and it felt good.

The gramma, who did not bring a swim suit, just sat and enjoyed the performance.

Mike had told me that he had spoken personally to most of the people he needed to except his daughter, so this trip was essential for getting that done. Last night, they went out to dinner, just the two of them. It was a good dinner.

While we are here there has been much watching of baseball. We will be back in the frigid north this weekend and then, before we know it, Jeremy and the boys will join us for the summer. The house will be full and singing. We converted the upstairs 'guitar room' back to a bedroom and moved Mike's guitar set up to the living room. There's plenty of room for a jam session....I'm just sayin......

We continue to covet the prayers of our friends. God is walking with us. Satan is trying to catch up. It is an illuminating race. The travel is tiring so that can be a specific for you. Also, we will have our first High Contrast CAT on 6/15 with discussion of same on 6/19, so THAT can be a specific also.

We are so blessed with all of you. Stay cool. (Not really possible in San Antonio) : )

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