Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So, here's a lot of the family

Britt Hayes and Kenneth Freeman joined hands and promised to 'always love' each other; this in front of friends AND family, smiling widely.

Here is Britt with her mom, Janelle.
All the planning that leads up to a weddding can be hectic. The entire weekend ran flawlessly.

And this is the Bride and Groom.
Last time I saw Kenneth, he had a beard which he shaved for the occasion. The hat is a constant.

These are the Hayes sibs with their MOM, Evelyn. From left to right, Kris, Jan, Mom, Lynne, and Ken, the father-of-the-bride. He said he figured out his job early. "Say nothing and sign checks."

Sister Kris is married to Steve Amerson. Their daughter Kat is fresh from her freshman year at Westmont in Santa Barbara. Their son, Matthew, was back in California working.

Here's Mom with two granddaughters, Allyson Fewell (my girl) and Sarah Parsons, Jan's eldest.

Drew, Jarrod, and Noah retreated early to a side table and a hot game of Angry Birds. Jarrod is Sarah's youngest son.

Here's Mom again with her Great Greats: Josh (Sarah's), Drew and Noah (Allyson's) and Jarrod.

Sister Jan engaged in deep discussions with Noah, who is often deep into discussions....often with himself. So serious.

Earlier, Allyson and I stopped for a drink of water. I have learned why folks in the south wear hats.

Hot hot hot.

And here is Mom with Zach and Ian, two of her grandsons.

And me with my kiddos. We clean up nice.

The weekend was so much fun, Allyson and Sarah are planning another family adventure.


  1. Great pictures... great event coverage. :)

  2. Love the pix, Lynne! Thanks so much for posting! So happy Mike's medical report is good! Love you, Kristine