Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rally the Prayer Warriors

So, if you’ve been tuning in for the next installment, you wonder just how lazy can one writer be.
I gotta tell ya: pretty lazy. Actually we have all sorts of adventures to share with our friends, including the week of the Grandsons (whew, God intends YOUNG women to have children) and a grand family wedding weekend in Raleigh.

But, first to the important thing. My sweet sister-in-law --- mother of the bride, by the way --- drove home from Raleigh on Sunday; on Monday, she learned that she has a brain tumor; on Wednesday, it was determined that it is inoperable; on Thursday, biopsy showed that, as she puts it, “this thing is not my friend.”

And on Friday, she and brother Ken got to go home and sleep in their own bed.

Right off: Janelle and Ken belong to Jesus. They love the Lord. No matter how this goes, they will rest in His infinite wisdom.

They have a great church family; they have a great (I think) blood family. And they have a huge internet family, most of whom are already praying.

Janelle is the author of Showandtellblog. In addition to administrating a private preschool, she creates the most unique things from paper and stamps and ribbon. Many of her family hold treasured pieces of her art. She writes about the how and why of her creations.

Her current blog updates her readers about her health but just for a moment. Then she takes you to all the goodie bags that she created for the wedding.

As I know that many of my readers are also praying for us --- and by the way, we have a big doctor’s appointment on Tuesday morning --- I will ask you to add Janelle and Ken Hayes, plus their daughter Britt (new husband Kenneth) and their son Ian, to your list.

Ken and Janelle are asking God for a miracle. An absolutely clean bill of health. They will meet with a team of doctors and plan to attack this foreign mass as advised.

But they put their faith in God. They ask that all of us, any of us, pray that Janelle will be healed.

Thank you for joining in this battle with us.


  1. Hi Aunt Lynne

    Thanks for this post, mom's blog can be found at

    Love you, and thank you for the prayers y'all are in ours too.

  2. Just prayed for them & put her blog links in there too. (no extra charge)

  3. You're a sweetie, Lynne. Thanks for getting the word out to the warriors. Love you!