Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mr. and Mrs.

The big family treat: gather in Raleigh to witness the marriage of my niece, Britt, to her North Carolina guy, Kenneth.

For Kenneth and Britt: 7/30/2011

There you are in foreign clothes, smiling broadly, toes to toes
Holding hands and speak the words, some of the oldest ever heard
Family, friends, all smiling too. In merely minutes, we’re all through


And now: Marriage

This man, this woman, together; not MINE, not YOURS, but OURS
Everything, now for us. Now through us. Now by us.
That’s the idea, anyway. And the ideal.
The more you two can be as one, less the drama –more the

For her, he wants to fix it. What’s the problem? Here, do this.
Or let me.
But she knows it’s more complicated. She wants to explain (and explain and explain)
For him, she wants to teach him “nuance.”
SHE sees nuance. What’s wrong with him?
And that’s the mystery: two become one but will ever differ.
Blending is the secret.

It’s easy to love him when there he stands, flowers and a big grin,
Pleased that he remembered.
But, it’s hard for him to remember.
It’s easy to love her when there she stands, all fresh and powdered
At the end of the day.
But it’s hard to primp at the end of the day.

And all too often, even though there is love,
We let it slip to expected, convenience.

Don’t fight much, but fight this.

Today you make a promise. You make it to each other; to your parents; to your family; to your friends; and to God.
Ah, but promises are fragile.
If you break it, you will hurt your love, your family, God, and mostly yourself.
So commit. Commit to take this hand and walk the path through life.
Help each other; guide each other. Let each other ‘win.’

It’s the plan that He set forth for His creation.
“It is not good for man to be alone.”

Be good.
Be best.

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  1. Wonderful! Thanks for posting your poem! XXOO Your little sis.