Thursday, May 6, 2010

The National Day of Prayer 2010

I'm not sure what we were doing last year on the first Thursday in May. It's fair to say that we were deep into exploring what God had for us. Mike was still weak from surgery. Then his wounds, which I got to clean out twice a day, became inflamed and that added just another jab to our hearts.

This year, May 6, 2010, is one of those perfect spring days that we get around here. A clear blue sky and a light breeze, temperature about 70 degrees. The city set up a bandshell on the east side of the courthouse square and from 12 - 1, citizens gathered to praise, pray, and participate in this important right.

And: Mike led us in prayer for the legal system and its courts and workers:

Dear Heavenly Father,

I stand before you today as a man who knows the awesome power of prayer, just as do all the people who stand here in the shadow of this courthouse. All across our nation, similar gatherings are taking place to help each of us remember that you are in control. We know that you hear all our prayers regardless of whether they are spoken in private or in public. This courthouse, like similar ones all over our country was built to provide a place where people could go to seek justice in their lives.

Courts of law, with judges, lawyers, and all the supporting people were not in Your original plan. You created Eden. Your desire for us was for there to be peace and happiness. Man chose otherwise. Someday each of us will experience your divine judgment. Until then, we have a need for human justice, imperfect as it may be

Most of the people that work in this building know you and try to make decisions that would honor and be pleasing to you. But sometimes it is difficult for us to discern what is right and what is wrong. For this reason we pray that you will give to each person who works here a part of your infinite knowledge and wisdom so that good decisions are made. We know that your ways are higher than our ways and that your justice is higher than ours.

We pray that we would be equipped to administrate our imperfect justice with your wisdom and sometimes, where appropriate, with your mercy and grace. Those that work in these offices are men and women many of whom have chosen to work in this area. Some have answered your call to work here: To devote their lives to the pursuit of justice. These people meet others on a daily basis who are struggling to deal with some of the terrible problems of life that we all encounter.

Rich and poor, healthy and sick, learned and uneducated, victims and those who victimize. All come here to seek justice. Help all of those people and all of those that stand united here today seek your guidance and wisdom daily. Help all those who work here seek your knowledge. Let all of us serve as you would have each of us serve. Let each of us know every day when we go to work here in this courthouse and those in all courthouses what it truly means to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Let each of us know that by playing our individual parts in our flawed system of human justice, that each of us is truly trying to serve you and your Kingdom.


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