Friday, May 21, 2010

End of the Semester at KHS

January 4, 2010 -- I stepped back into my classroom at Kokomo High School. Although I think I was ready to take it on faith, within a week, I knew that this was exactly what God wanted me to do.

May 27, 2010 -- The semester ends. Grades get tallied. Books get closed. Bulletin Boards get cleared. Clutter gets tossed. The veteran teacher puts her important stuff in the back cabinet, in a manner that will make its retrival easy.

Within a week, custodial folks will cart everything out of the room and into the hall. The classroom will received a top-t0-bottom cleaning and a fresh, shiny wax coating on the floor. Then they'll move the furniture back in and it will be waiting for me in August.

Here at KHS, we have a special group of friends who are joined together in prayer and service to anyone within our community who requires prayer and/or service. And let's just say that our definition of "community" is broad and wide.

We currently know of 5 people who are doing battle with cancer. As more become known, they will add to the list.

Last spring, these friends showered us with pillowcases. And they began praying for us. They continue to pray and they forward requests to their friends, family, churches and etc.

So, what a covering we all received. What follows is my end-of-the-semester note to these special friends.
Dear Laura’s Angels,

Mike and I are blessed to be among those who benefit from your prayers.

As you may know, we are living a miracle right now, testament to the power of prayer. We remain humbled by this as we, like most, are not particularly deserving of such grace. We serve a Living God, one who knows our weaknesses and loves us more than we can imagine.

You may have seen me about the halls. This is my most comfortable milieu and I continue to know that God wants me here, doing what I do. It is amazing to walk daily in the footsteps that the Father has placed before me.

We ask our God for a great summer. We are planning on a great summer. We are planning that after that great summer, I will return to my classroom.

We also know, in deeper ways than ever before, that His ways are not our ways and we face each morning with fresh faces, seeking His face.

We will continue to covet your prayers for us. For those of you who follow our blog, I will update you often with specific needs. will get you there.

For those of you who don’t, we will face another CAT this summer. The doctors will continue to look for tumor growth. If it occurs, we will follow the very excellent advice we will receive from gifted professionals in our community.

And we praise our Lord for other gifts: we will celebrate our 36th anniversary in June. We will travel to Alaska on Ms. Zaandam and scale some glaciers. We will spend a lot of relaxing time at our cottage in Winona Lake.

And we will know that you are with us. Let us hold each others’ hands and thank God for His mercy.

Joined with you,

Lynne Bolinger

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  1. Happy Anniversary and many more happy adventures and new discoveries of Life on this earth that God has given us to enjoy in wonder of its beauty ! See you at the Lake in Summer!