Sunday, August 2, 2009

End of Week #3

3 down and 3 to go. Mike is doing well, feeling good, riding his bike and finishing my desk. While a layer of finish was drying, he knocked off another Arts/Crafts framed mirror.

A busy week at our house. Jeremy and Mike drove up to Chicago Thursday afternoon to watch the White Sox beat the Yankees. Jeremy worked some magic and got seats right next to the dugout along the 1st base line. Hiya, A-Rod!

They got there in plenty of time to watch batting practice. Mike has often remarked that the players “certainly aren’t skinny." This time he mentioned that he was amazed ‘how fast’ they are. He had hoped to see a stolen base and a home run. He got both wishes. These boys were seen on the Jumbo-tron although not by me. Apparently, someone considers 180 miles as “local” for black out purposes. The baseball boys arrived back home around 3 AM and both went to their next morning’s appointments. I think the crash came later.

While they were in Chicago, Zach and I took the other boys to our local pool, the Kokomo Aquatic Center, aka Kokomo Beach, for an annual fundraiser, The Duck Derby. We ate the free pizza and coke, and the boys got to jump in a Bouncy House. The race, alas, was going to take place about an hour after these very cute AND very tired boys could make it…as was also true for their caregivers…so we went home before the BIG EVENT. We DID get some photos for Mommy in San Antonio. Drew’s ‘rear view’ speaks loudly about how the night was going just before we decided it was time to go home and get to bed.

Saturday, Kokomo hosted the First Annual (I’m sure) Hope for the City Celebration in Foster Park, downtown. For months, we’ve all watched as the city Parks Department erected a new bandstand over what was once baseball diamonds. Saturday was the inaugural event. Many local groups and churches came, made music, passed out free food, signed up volunteers, heard words of inspiration and, basically had a good time with neighbors.

Our church’s band was first and, there in the corner playing rhythm guitar…who can that be? Is it? Yes! Zach Bolinger, by far the cutest guitar player I’ve ever seen, ever. Wait, second cutest. After that performance, The Cutest and I jumped up in the truck and headed north.

We continue to hear from friends, some local and quite a few from our past. Friends from my growing up church, First Baptist of Lincoln Park, are scattered, mostly at other churches, and they check in as well as share our needs with their friends. College chums are also circling us with prayer. Local friends keep dropping by for a chat. And we are so blessed to know that you are covering us, asking God to meet our needs.

Right now, some days are long. Some days are dark. Others get better if we stay busy. And it’s amazing how much we find to do. That’s a gift, also.

The week ahead will have special needs. Jeremy is winding down his job with Pioneer Seed and will prepare for the long drive back to San Antonio, around August 10. The grandbabies are having fun but they really miss their mommy. Zach continues to go with Mike out to his daily appointments.

It looks like an ‘eating week’ as I have lunch dates and we both have a few dinner dates. Then, on Thursday, I will be driving to Kansas City to meet up with three of my best friends, for our annual Sisters’ Weekend.

My sisters and I have made it a priority to set aside a weekend each summer and get together. We’ve rotated between various homesteads on both coasts and places in between. This year we’re headed inland. My dear sisters knew, as summer began, that I might not be able to come but Mike’s health is so good that my part of this is a go. To quote my eloquent guy, “If I’m puking my guts out, you’re going.” There’s been no puking but, well, OK.

God has allowed Mike and me extra time for planned activities. Mike has been able to share experiences with those that may live after him. Sweet memories of great times. So as we head into Week 4, we covet your prayers. I’ll keep you posted.

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