Thursday, August 27, 2009

And on we go

So here we are, at the end of August, a busy month which culminates with the celebration of our lives.

Since early in April, we have experience the power of prayer in our home. So many of our community, locally and beyond, have been praying for us and continue to bring us to the Father's throne. Many have asked for miracles

Miracles come in many forms. We came home from the hospital and were afraid to look into the future. We know that fear does not come from God so this attack was from the other camp. And it was strong and real. Your prayers helped erect a wall that closed out the enemy. You can share in that victory.

Then, we ventured into the summer, months that we did not expect to enjoy. And, enjoy we did. We celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. We have had a great summer; many sunny days at the lake, great times here in Kokomo, special time with special people like our grandsons.

Visitors have dropped by, to sit on the porch, to check out the Lotus, to tour the wood shop. Family, like brother Ken and his wife Janelle, have made the trek to our house.

Mike began the summer by creating a desk for me. He planned the project to be more complicated than anything he had made to date. It was a line in the sand that he needed more time to finish it. The desk is now in its place inside the house. He's begun the matching chair.

Then there was the treatment. We considered it prayerfully and God made it clear to Mike that he should undergo radiation and chemo whose goal was to slow the growth of the cancer. We spent the first week just sitting around waiting for him to puke and/or for his hair to fall out. When neither happened, we went on enjoying our summer and, yes, we know that your prayers have again been answered.

Now the treatment is done and Mike will celebrate his 58th birthday this Saturday. At the beginning of the summer, we didn't think we'd see this day together. And now we will.

I ordered a special cake from a local baker, The Cake Lady. She told me that her church has been praying for Mr. Mike. My mom arrives tomorrow from Florida. My sister and her son will stop by our home Sunday night on their way to Michigan, so Monday morning, we'll have a grand breakfast.

And what of Mike? At his latest appointment, his doctor told us to 'go and play.' We are not to come back until October, so a glorious month spreads out in front of us.

In mid summer, he asked our pastors if he could help out at the church and they asked him to teach a 3 week class on marriage, in October. His quick response was, "I won't be here."

He is now prepping for his classes. He will also rejoin his friends on the church music ministry for a second Beatles concert in October. When the bands put on the first show last year, Mike had said that he'd give anything to have a part. And now he does.

We marvel at the grace of our Father. We are humbled and grateful for the prayers and concerns of our friends. We are truly blessed.


  1. Rejoicing with you! I'd love to see a photo of the finished desk. How about posting one here? Love to all!

  2. Thanks for sharing the blessings with us ! And I agree with Janelle, a picture of the desk will be great.
    See you Sunday/Monday -

  3. Thankful for the good report and rejoicing with you!. Happy Birthday Michael! XXO From the West Coast

  4. Happy Birthday, Michael! Hope it has been the happiest one of your life . . . . so far!

  5. You have reason to Celebrate! Enjoy your day and look forward to teaching those classes in October.