Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wednesday 8/7/13

This has been quite a 2-week stretch! We filed off the Oasis of the Seas at 10:30 
AM Saturday.  Long-time friends, Mike and Debby, picked us up the pier. They had kept Mom’s car at their place in Boca. As it was after noon when we got back into the Chysler, with everybody’s agreement, we drove to Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. I showed Mom and Kris OUR little place and then we ate lunch in the corner café where Mike and I had supped so many times.

It was good.

On Sunday, we went to her church, the church at Viera (CAV) for worship and fellowship. It comes as no surprise that Mom has a cadre of friends, some much younger than she, who ‘just love’ her, as they kept telling us. Also, I met an entire church family who has prayed for me, for Mike, for my brother and Janelle. Pray unites believers as few other things can. We felt at home, at once. 

Kris stayed until Tuesday so we could spend more time together and Mom would make one trip back from the Orlando airport. (BIG airport.) 

As I travel just a little, I have had no ‘drama’ trip stories, until now. As my flight was taxiing, almost ready to take off, a passenger suffered an anxiety attack. The pilot assessed the situation and decided that we must return to the terminal. The passenger deplaned and we were an hour late.

HM. My connection awaited in Atlanta, a REALLY big airport. It was one of only three daily flights to Fort Wayne. Would I make my connection? Accustomed to Indianapolis International, a nice, friendly, small place, I maintained my hope until I reviewed Atlanta’s floor plan in that back-of-pocket magazine. Of course, my next flight was in D and I arrived in T. We landed at 3…connection left at 3:17. I grabbed my bag and went for it, fast as my long but aging legs could go.

I got to the gate as they were closing it…I pleaded...they had given my seat away. Oh my. I began to mull a night in Atlanta without some of my baggage. A very practiced young woman directed me to Customer Service. There, other practiced folks rebooked me (3 hours later!) and gave me a voucher for dinner.


 Nice dinner. Then, waiting at the gate, I sat down next to two young men who were traveling to Indiana as exchange students. We had ourselves a chat. I learned a lot, including how and when I should visit Madrid, how long I should stay, and how best to travel to Seville, to visit MY Spanish student.

Nice flight. Niece Hannah picked me up. We drove to Warsaw and since I’d had a nap, I decided to drive home. Into my Kokomo place before midnight.

Now here’s weird: I had left 2 weeks ago. The place looked foreign. I remembered leaving the dishwasher open, the fresh towels, small lit lamps. It felt cold and strange.

 I think I’m weaning myself away from this place.

Today is catch-up day. Tomorrow and Friday: Leadership Conference at Oakbrook Church. Then, a little road trip.
Winona Lake’s second annual Pig Roast (and 5th party noting Mike’s birthday) is August 24. I will be there. That exact day is my mom’s REAL 90th birthday. My cousin Carleen is traveling to Viera to host a bash for Mom.

Oh yeah. How about the cruise? Coming.  Teaser:
Mom descending the stairs.....

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