Friday, August 9, 2013

I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy: down in my heart!

As a liberal arts grad, I enjoy making pronouncements that I do not need to prove.
I believe that a positive attitude is a choice; optimism is in the genes. But Joy? Joy is a gift from God. So thank you friends, as you continue to pray for me and the Father fills me with joy.

There is much joy in my life: and should I not notice at once, a gentle tug turns my attention to it.

I’ve often been the target of wonder: way back in the early 80’s, I typed out my first thing on a computer, hit the PRINT button, and then watched the whole time while the machine next to the keyboard brought forth my paper.  WOW!

(Younger readers won’t get this)

Several years ago, with a new textbook, I received a projector. I thought I knew what a projector was and decided I’d never use it. It sat, secure, in its box for several months. Finally, one of my students said, “Mrs. Bolinger. You should open your projector.”

“Nah. I won’t use it.”

“But you should take it out, at least.”

“Well, ok. Come up here.”

So I let him help me and we pulled it out. It was, of course, what a modern projector is. Foreign to me. I set it on a table, put a vase on it and moved on.

Weeks later, I said something like, “You know, I saw a great video on You Tube. I wish I could show it to you.”

Student pointed at my projector. Then he pointed at the screen I used for the overhead projector.

“No!” I exclaimed with questioning eyes.

Nods. A classrooms of nods.

Changed my life, certainly my teaching.

Of course, our trip with Mom was full of fun. And, as she closes in on 90, I’m so blessed to have my mom with me. Among other things, when we can pull her away from Facebook and email AND (internet) surfing, she is a prayer warrior who charges to throne in behalf of her children, grandchildren, greats, nieces and nephews, friends and acquaintances.

Out in my street, I have an army of friends/angels:

The City of Kokomo began to replace a sewer several weeks before Mike passed. His last days here (if he was NOT listening to heavenly music) were filled with cement crashers, heavy equipment and such. Several times, I really needed a strong guy when neighbor Mike was at work. I hailed the guys and they helped me. No names, though, as they were “not supposed to leave their job.”

I’m not complaining: they are moving at a glacial pace. They turned the corner (we live on the corner) in the middle of June. When I got back from Florida, by my measure, they had progressed 30 feet. I hear this project will continue to the end of the street; 50 feet to go. Halloween? Thanksgiving?

They’ve become buddies: they greet me and wave when I come and go. They take care to make way for me. They’ve become protective….they keep an eye on the house when I’m out running errands. (plus, I’ve got all sorts of cool, yellow, heavy equipment outside.)

More joy: the other night, as I drove back from Warsaw, I played with the AM radio. As I am rarely up so late, I had not done this for a long time. For some reason I’ve forgotten, AM signals travel great distances at night. I think it has something to do with the curvature of the earth and the Physics of Music course I took to complete my Wheaton College degree. Anyway, I would tap the search button on my steering wheel and rotate through an amazing world: New Orleans, Sacramento, Arkansas, Virginia, NYC of course, and few Chinese/Japanese/Vietnamese talk shows. The kooky American talk shows air at night along with Dave Ramsey, who is NOT kooky.

This kept me entertained for the 65 mile drive. Many giggles.

Other joys: God keeps showing me the people around me who are in place to help me. They stand ready to take care of me whenever I need them. Often, they show up and help me before I know I need it. Talk about your angels!

I’m getting for a road trip, an experiment really. I THINK I will enjoy the drive. I’ve always like driving. Back in the 60’s, a major form of entertainment for teenagers in suburban Detroit was ‘bombing around,’ filling the car at 25 cents/per and driving the streets on a Friday night. This trip will let me see if the thrill is still there. I have a few books on tape, SX radio, AND Ivy.

So, without choosing a positive outlook, without relying on my guileless optimism, God wraps me with joy.


  1. I'm smiling --- that road trip better include NW Missouri! janis

  2. Praying over your JOY filled drive and thanking God for His grace! XXOO Kristine

  3. So much fun to check to see if you've posted and YOU HAVE! July is a VERY good month to visit Alaska, in case you were wondering. :D