Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So, the call to write

More than a few friends tell me that I must write about the last four years. I get it. Mike's story is not only singular; we came to understand that God called on him to complete a task before he got to go home.

And, I can write. And I lived with him through this. And Mike's video testimony continues to reach people.

Do I have a duty? Not sure about that.

Do I have the objectivity of distance? No, I do not.

Does such writing need to be objective? Probably not.

I certainly have a wealth of written information, through our blog and also through specific notes that Mike and I received over the years. I also remain in mind of many people who have spoken to me since Mike passed.

(By the way, I'm so grateful that friend Morgan made the blogging suggestion way back in 2009. Not only does writing have a way of making order of confusion; some events have slipped from memory as I've been busy living. It's healthy for me to return and relive.)

I guess it would be an emotional non-fiction. Emotions can toss glue into the works.

But the questions: biography? chronological? factual? personal?

Where to start? Do I need an outline? Do I need to conduct research? Do I need to interview? Do I need to make lots of notes and then try to organize?

How do I begin? And how do I end?

AND:  by now all my English teacher readers and all my writing readers are saying the same thing:




  1. Please start Lynne!!! TB

  2. You will know how and always have. Love you, sis..... Janis

  3. We'll miss you this year Mrs. Bolinger!! We're all keeping up on reading your blog so we know how you're doing:) Senior year won't be the same without you! Come vist us sometime!!