Sunday, July 21, 2013

He's all around me.....

In the weeks since he transferred addresses, I am reminded of my hub whenever I turn around. Friends have lots to say about him, missing him, remembering him. And, not just for me, there are FIRSTS. Brother-in-law Jim mentioned that they had tried out a new Mexican restaurant and as they were enjoying authentic cuisine, his second thought was how Mike would have loved the food.

Neighbors at the lake tell me that they look up every once in a while, expecting to see the hub cruising down Administration, on our little antique moped, headed for Ace Hardware to "get one thing."

Say whatever you will, Mike refused to stop, to curl up and quit, until that disease knocked him down for the last time. I think, ultimately, that will be his legacy. Tenacious and looking toward the future. He was going to live until he died.

So, when we returned from the April trip to our little place in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, he was working on the return. Alas, that did not happen, although our little piece of heaven on earth can’t hold a candle to his eternal reality.

For years, I carted around bright orange luggage, really ugly and obnoxious; its chief benefit was that  it was simple to pick out when it came down the airport luggage chute. I purchased it long before the airlines started charging for checked bags and back when I packed less smart. By our last trip to the ocean, we placed everything in one duffel bag and had room for souvenirs.
Thanks, hub. Nice bag.

Mike decided, on one of his many trips about town, that I needed a new travel bag. He picked this one out and was very proud of its design and simplicity. 360 degree wheels!

Anyway, here I am, getting ready for my first trip where I will use this bag. 

During the attic sorting, I found many suitcases, travel bags, back packs, and etc. They have found homes elsewhere. No one, by the way, fought for the orangies.

This first trip? My mom Evelyn will be celebrating her 90th birthday. She’s amazing and continues to live an active life. Although she has traveled around the world, she has mentioned, on a few times, that what she’d really like to do is travel on the ‘largest ship in the world.’ Currently, I believe, that honor goes to Royal Caribbean Cruise line. SO, we will board the Allure of the Seas and cruise around the beautiful islands down south.

The ship is so large and contains so many attractions, we may not even get off the ship. It will be fun. Mom is a great travel companion. And, little sister Kris is joining us.

She’s much younger than I: there’s a zip line and a surf rider. They look like fun although we may have to show age ID. And Mom? We’ll be getting a photo on the full-sized carousel along the boardwalk.

So, here I am, packing my things in my new travel bag. It’s quite roomy inside. Mike and I could have packed everything in it for a week.

And so: he's is all around.


  1. Sounds like a grand adventure Lynne ;-)

  2. See you soon! XXOO Little Sis

  3. You will have such fun! I'll be looking for pics.

  4. Plenty of beaches, mountains, moose and bear await you in the Greatland. Come see me when you can. I'll be here. Love,