Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19????

75 degrees in mid-central Indiana. Maybe some scattered showers tonight. Then, expected high of 85.

Nice. Really nice.

The doomsayers shake their collective heads and whisper about global warming. They fear a scorching summer.

Personally, I'd rather hose off than shovel out.

Yesterday, we dusted off the motorcycle and cruised out to a favorite place, The Frozen Custard. No fancy name. No question as to the fare. The only surprise on any given day is the choice of flavors. Chocolate and Butter Pecan are always in the bin.

Mike has fitted the kayak with the top piece. He's measured his sister for a custom paddle. I think the creation will move north by next week.

We drove up to Winona Lake, to visit and to tour the cottage. We had heard that there was a flurry of activity within during the last two weeks. Mike got right out of the truck, unlocked the door and walked in. I, on the other hand, sat and composed myself. Then, I followed him.

Wow. All new floors. The foundation under those floors is secure. The walls are freshly painted. The blinds will be up shortly. Then the carpet and the kitchen flooring. It looks like we'll get to move back in by next month for sure.

We are praying for another summer. Mike would love that. We'll certainly get to spend some more time in our little piece of heaven.

But, honestly, ANYWHERE when the temperatures are nicely warm: that's also a piece of heaven.


  1. so... we need some pictures... enjoy the weather and the lake and another summer is in my prayers.. .love you both, janis

  2. Hope to come and visit the lake this summer! much love, K

  3. Nothing is impossible. Praying, God will give you the gift of one more summer together


  4. That was really quick, so glad you were able to have all that done before summer started. Praying you get a LOT of use out of it this summer!