Saturday, March 17, 2012

I guess I AM like my mother

We can't wait for another snow to camouflage the yard: mid-March and it's spring here.

I drove in every day after school and could not help but notice the shabby state of our lawn so today was clean-up day. I would rise early, arm myself with clippers and a rake, drag along a trash bin, and begin the process.

Except, wouldn't you know it? All of the yard tools are up at the lake. They are nestled together inside the garage where we've stored the boat. What to do? What to do? Should I drive up or should I drive over to the garden store and purchase duplicates of what we already have?
Shopping. Cheaper. Certainly more fun.

Rake? Check.
Pruning sheers? Check.
First salvo in weed killing? Why, yes.
(LOVE my chemicals)

And then, I decided to get new work gloves. It's so like me to do the work, get all cut up and then realize that I should have worn gloves. I walked to the glove place. Many many many sizes and colors and thicknesses of gloves. And here's where my MOM showed up:

The fluorescent green cottons caught my eye. Wow. Cute. And hard to lose. AND what man in my house would want to take (borrow) them?

Did they fit? Well, kinda. A little small but that's a plus if someone considers taking (borrowing) them.

Alas. My new clippers were orange. A nice, bright orange. But, I remembered that I had passed on a fluorescent green pruning/clipping scissors. So, back I went and switched out the first choice. This will make my mom smile. See, Mom, I really WAS paying attention....I mean there are other factors than just how well things work.

By the way, these clippers were attached to a thick, cardboard sheet that required ANOTHER set of clippers to remove them.

The yard had had its first going over. Time to clean up for supper.


  1. love it... love the color - I bet you looked so "chic" out there grubbing the weeds and leaves and sticks... love you, janis

  2. What a scream....I can picture the entire shopping trip and your fluorescent green clippers and gloves!
    I think Mom would call the fluorescent green color "chartreuse." So funny, Lynne! Thanks for painting a vivid picture! Celebrating the way God put you together and sending love, Kristine