Thursday, July 21, 2011

it'sssssssssssssssssssssssss HOT

We have not dropped off the edge of the earth but we HAVE been living under a 'dome' as they call it, that covers half of the United States. This week, much of the nation is sagging under blistering heat.

You may remember that our little piece of heaven does NOT include central air. I guess it's fitting that I'm finally reading Gone With The Wind, as I grow ever empathetic with the field hands of that novel. Also, those girls wore all those layers of crinoline?

One little nod to current events is that I walk (drive, this week) every morning to purchase 2 or 3 newspapers for my breakfast entertainment. Each and every one front pages the weather story. Photos of children sitting under a sprinkler. Photos of workers, out in the heat. Photos, in this part of the country, of livestock getting sprayed and fanned.

Why is it, that as you swelter, you fill your brain with stories about how others are sweltering? I don't know but that's what I do. I care less and less about the deficit; give me a breeze.

On Tuesday morning, as I wilted in my chair, the headline locally was "On Thursday, you'll wish it was (sic) Tuesday." Great. Now it's Thursday. Drip drip drip.

The hub and I find ourselves sitting in the shade, near the lake, trying to catch a little whiff of cooler air. Last night, we cracked open a big cantaloupe; that, cheese and some ice water was supper. I have a honeydew on the counter, waiting for today's repast.

Our local village has a very nice coffee house/bakery with central air and free WIFI, so I decided I'd connect with my friends this afternoon. Who knows when this heat will break? Who knows when I'll get back to my novel.

Our brother-in-law Steve arrived Tuesday night from LA. He had planned this trip way before the heat arrived. He has a singing engagement in Chicago Friday night. But within the hour of his arrival, he got a call from his agent in LA and had to return the next morning. We saw him briefly, learned about a very good ice cream from Cincinnati, and waved him on his way.

Upcoming is my trip to Raleigh next week for my niece's wedding. I believe our weather will be following me east.

Then, the first week of August, the grand boys arrive for some lake time and Grandpa Time. And, THEN, the second week of August finds me back in my classroom at Kokomo High School.

But it's really NOT all about me. Mike continues to enjoy his chemo vacation. He has gotten back into swimming in the lake, although when it's this hot the 'algae is in bloom.' That means he can emerge looking like Swamp Thing. Google it.

Mike will return to his doctor on August 2 for extensive blood work and so forth. Then, we will meet with his doctor on August 9 to discuss the results. As you remember us, you can pencil in these dates.

And FINALLY: Saturday, August 27, 2011, we will convene again for the third birthday party we didn't think we'd have. Details will follow but we will blow out candles at 5 PM.

So, that's the news from the coffee house near the shore of Winona Lake. I need some ice water.

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