Friday, July 8, 2011

FIRST Week of Chemo Vacation

Summer, really nice Midwestern summer, has arrived around our lake.

The nights are clear and pleasant. The dawn....who knows as we are on lake time.
The days see temperatures climb to the mid-80s without all that bothersome humidity.
And as the sun sets, a cool breeze takes the temperature back down to the low 70s.

Windows open at night for great sleeping.

We've settled into a routine. We decided that we should 'kinda' do things like chores in the morning, cutting it off at noon. Then, after a nap, we should climb into the boat and motor about the lake, stopping in the middle for a swim. Then, back to the dock, thinking about a light dinner that becomes something like salad as we sit on the porch.

Life is good. Life is slow and good.
Currently, and my children will find this amazing, EVERYTHING works on the boat. (This is so 'not us.')

We will drive back to Kokomo for Mike's next appointment with his doctor. Hopefully, we'll learn that the transfusion has kicked in and his numbers are headed north. Then, we'll be back to our life around Winona.

A few nice things got inked in on our 'calendar.' Brother-in-law Steve will drop by for a few days. Then, as the month ends, there's the family wedding in Raleigh. As soon as I get back, THE BOYS are coming for the next week.

Then, can you believe it? My school starts August 9.

August 9!

And finally, we've got another birthday celebration to plan for the end of August.

My. It's almost 3. Time for my nap!

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