Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Grandest of Chairs

Mike says that this is the most challenging project he has undertaken.

IVY stands guard. Those sunbeams can be brutal.


Cushion were created by Brookshire Custon Upholstry, who create custom car interiors. Mike chose a faux leather that can fool most folks. And anyway, we are brutal on leather chairs. SOMEONE keeps forgetting about the pocket knife in the rear pocket.

The cushions have zippers and welting. Gorgeous.
Mike's friend, Jay Moody, machined the pivot pins (the seat adjusts to three positions) from solid brass.

More details.

Finally. Finished. We moved it into the living room for our final small group meeting. Millie Brown had the first official 'sit.'

Then, me.

Now, the chair is at the lake. Soon, we'll be a-sittin' a lot.

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