Tuesday, January 19, 2010

35 1/2 Years

The hub and I just returned from a return trip to Fort Lauderdale. Mindful again of the school calendar, we took advantage of a 3 day weekend (thank you, Dr. King) and returned to our little slice there on the beach.

Our Fort Lauderdale friends asked us how we found this place, a small 7 room place, right on the beach. We told them we lucked into it, having conducted a search on THE GOOGLE. (Z: for you)

We got our same room; that would be #3. Our window is less than 50 feet from the beautiful ocean so we can listen to its grandeur all night long.

But how did we find it? We agree that it's another gift from our Father. It is as close to perfect as a place can be.

So this is our most recent trip to salt water regions.

Our first, together, was in August 1974 on our honeymoon. Mike's father gave us the gift of a trip 'anywhere.' We chose PuertoRico and St. Thomas. We were so young. We have lived quite a life since then.

No one knows, when he or she starts on that journey where it will lead. We continue to discover what God has for these two children.

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