Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tear down that wall!

2o years ago, the Berlin Wall was torn down, uniting that city and marking the end of the Cold War.

Monday, Zach, who was 6 at the time, commemorated the event by tearing down a fence at our house.

We (actually Zach and Mike) had built that wall about 10 years ago. It was wood and ran from the garage to the shed on the side of our house. It was the DOG FENCE.

We have shared our lives with three (not all at once) Golden Retrievers....Buster, Beau, and Bob....alliterative infusion. These were wonderful dogs who were, um, not very well trained. After we (I) got them housebroken, we kind of let them train themselves.

This meant that they jumped up on visitors (sometimes) and ran the neighborhood if they escaped from the back door. They did NOT, except with one exception. ever do much as guard dogs. One time, some slime balls broke in while we were gone. They got some chicken out of the frig and fed the dog. Slime balls but smart. The dog probably wagged them right to what feeble goodies they could pinch.

The only time we got a menacing growl from the dogs came when our friend, Tom, walked up to the door. He came and comes over a lot. The dogs knew him. Yes, he's a retired cop and yes, he probably has that 'aura.' But even out of uniform, the dogs would growl and bark when he came hear.

At any rate, we found that we needed a fence to keep them in so Mike and Zach built the wooden structure.

Last week, as we were seized by a frantic need to clean (no one, believe me, is pregnant), Mike said that he wanted to replace the fence. Our current dog, Princess Ivy, doesn't actually run the neighborhood. When she gets out, she has a route that takes her to four back doors, all of which have a stash of snacks set aside for her visits.

It took Zach several hours to dissemble and take down the fence. That was Monday. Neighbor Mike, the man with all the tools, came over to offer some suggestions and then asked the men to wait until Wednesday, his day off, so he could help with new construction.

The three had a carnival of a time today, building a new fence. I will have to wait until I get home from San Antonio to see it but the hub reports that it is grand.

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