Sunday, February 16, 2014

Celebrating Love in February

Several close friends have come along side, ready to support me as we passed the BIG LOVE CELEBRATION on February 14. So, how did I ‘celebrate’?

Well, first I need to say that Mike and I were not big Valentine’s Day observers. So many times, the date fell during the week. We were both tired from work and when the kids were young, there were many more things that trumped a night out. 

I hope that doesn’t burst anybody’s bubble….we celebrated our love in many ways and on all sorts of days…we just didn’t line up for that date on the calendar. It wasn’t uncommon for me to find some little wrapped thing on  my pillow from time to time. (Mike was on first-name basis with the ladies that worked in our better department stores)
This year, especially, we in the Midwest have found that staying inside makes sense when it’s  -15 degrees outside; and the snow…so much snow…and more snow…seems to suggest we hunker down and wait for spring.

So I wasn’t primed to get all sad and sorry that I’d pass the date without tangible goodies. Here IS what I did…

I drove to Indianapolis, Ivy in shot gun, to a very nice mall that has a very nice children’s clothing store. I suddenly have lots of babies in my circle and wanted to purchase some special soft things for gifts. 

This mall had been overhauled…I don’t know when. I had to check the map to find my store. I asked the clerk. “We remodeled 3 years ago.”

I’ve been busy.

One part of the new construction: a huge food court. Right in the middle: Pinkberry. I believe this is Indiana’s first.

Pinkberry was a favorite of my sister-in-law Janelle. When the sisters visited her in Charlotte, we each got introduced to this special treat. Later, when Janelle was fighting glioblastoma, friends kept sending her gift certificates so when we made another trip, we savored more Pinkberry. I will always see her smile when I see that Pinkberry sign.  So, for 2/14, I celebrated her life and testimony with a small chocolate/hazelnut cup with white yogurt sprinkles.

I’d heard that there was even more snow coming so we had traveled down early. No matter, by the time we left the mall, big wet flakes were all over the car. Ivy and I knew that we had 40 miles to drive and we’d be on the lookout for ice and trucks and SUVs going too fast.

A friend reminded me recently that one habit of long-married folks: they continue to have silly fun together. Mike and I had all sorts of silly fun. One was to sing…loudly....we weren’t so great singers…to 50’s on 5 on Sirrius radio.

So, on my trip home, I celebrated the love of my life by belting out some Do Whaps and A Weema Whappas.

Happy days ahead here.

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