Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Great Way to Spend a Snowy Saturday

I got a call the other day…actually a FACEBOOK message…from a friend of mine. He’s the music director at Kokomo High School which was to host the ISSMA district solo and ensemble competition.

That’s Indiana State School Musical Association in case you didn’t know. It looked like 7 or 8 schools, including one from 75 miles away, traveled to our school for this event. My friend was looking for helpers; I had the morning free; and honestly, I miss being around high school kids.

So I got my tank filled this morning. Students from 5th grade up were included in the mix. My coordinating parent found a nice job and spot for me:
1.    1) Keep the musicians moving.
2.     2L Check off the names
3.      3)When the performer comes out, hand him his card, marked wit his award, so he can get his medal.
4.      4)Save the judge’s score sheets until a Runner comes to collect them.
5.      5)Keep the noise down in the hall.

Some actualities came up for which I had no instructions; classroom teachers wing it all the time but I found that when you are following someone else’s directions, you are less comfortable with solving problems on your own.

I was parked outside the ‘STRINGS’ room so I got to rotate violinists, cellists and bassists, in solo and then ensemble, as they entered, played and then exited. And in between, while kids waited, some gathered around just to chat. I am still a bit of a kid magnet. Kids offered their personal tips for stage fright, they choices for costume, and their questions about where to eat lunch.

Congratulations, ALEX!!!
The schedule was optimistically packed and what was supposed to end by 11:30 ran until 1. It was so much fun to spend a snowy morning in my old stomping ground, missing the kid part of teaching.

And added bonus: my talented nephew, Alex Bolinger, took a GOLD  medal in the trombone solo.

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