Monday, January 27, 2014

CCCCCCCold and SHHHHHHriving

Back from San Antonio. Back from illness. Time to work a bit at the cottage.

So I drove up last week, intending to spend at least a week. Sister Kris flew in from LA with her wit, charm, and her specific skills in home decorating.

It is a new challenge to put together a coherent home, rooms that 'flow into each other,' that 'express (my) inner decorator' that (Kris) knows is in there, that fulfills my wish that this home will be functional, comfortable, and low maintenance.

Little sis has many gifts in this area and we worked, fun work, all week.

She popped in from 75 degree weather to what is called the Polar Vortex, Part II. From last Wednesday to today, the temperature outside has not risen above  single digits.... it has fallen to double digits below. And then there's the wind, whooshing across the lake with its fluffy cover, creating a blinding swirl of snow.

Kris was intent on going for walks..... several were minutes in length. Saturday, we got a slight reprieve and stayed out for 30 minutes. Brrrrrr.

So our days became..... rising to watch the sun come up across the lake. (Watching the lake wake up, said Kris); a small breakfast with much coffee and then errands. We found that the day was 'warmer' than the least we could see to drive. Then, afternoon and evenings were spent doing things inside and watching DVDs by the fire.

As we are planning a trip for the sisters and nieces, Kris put her considerable acumen to work and organized my loosy goosy notes. We sent out a note to our travel mates, wrote some specific questions for the travel agent, and placed it all in a folder. Kris is good with folders.

Our trips out produced paint samples, towels, and rugs for testing out the way the sun shines here and there. Kris painted strips in several rooms, in interesting corners where the light varies from time to time. And then we would discuss, hold up this picture, spread out that rug, and nod and smile.

By evening, we gathered by the fire and watched movies. Cuddled under throws, it was a great way to end the day.

Until last night, there was little to disturb us. However, last evening, the wind picked up and blew drifts all over the place while whooshing through the trees. Hoosiers are hearty but no one in tornado land likes Big Wind. So, this morning, I checked the Indiana Department of Transportation to see if the roads were passable.

Good thing I don't need to drive to Kokomo because several major routes are closed by police order. My friends from the high school continue to wonder if all of these canceled days will move the end of the school year.

Our drive to Fort Wayne followed an east/west road where the drifting was minimal. We left early and arrived at the Fort Wayne International Airport (little gem) with time to spare. On my return to the lake, I saw several less patient SUVs upside down in the middle of the highway. And another reminder to slow down.

My 'sisters' in my small group are meeting tomorrow night and if it's safe, I'm headed back to Kokomo in the morning. Then, my plans are to finish up the sorting --- what's coming with me and what I'm leaving behind --- and gather documents for selling the house and finishing my taxes.

My self-designated goal of the end of March is in sight. God is good, so good to me.  And you.
I've heard rumors of warmer weather ahead. Soon? Hope so.

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  1. Loved every minute of being with you and uncovering your inner decorator! Missing Ivy too, but very happy to walk Coda this morning in 64 degrees! XXOO