Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Catching UP

What follows is a quick summary of a very great trip. Right near the end, I started to sniffle with a sore throat. Dang. Getting a cold.

As I was surrounded by 4000 cruisers, many of whom were children, plus my own party getting over 'something,' well, it was not unexpected.

My usual therapy for a cold: Big Bottle O' Nyquil and Tylenol Sinus. This is not a copyrighted remedy. Feel free to borrow, because it has worked for years and years. These medicines would sooth symptoms and I certainly wouldn't miss school.

(I guess I bought into the fantasy that as I was not 'at school,' I would be missing a lot of viruses.)

(looks better than I)
By Sunday, I was turning the corner. Great. Just as expected.
By Monday night, I took a nosedive. Much more ill. Slight fever. And that 'hit by a truck' thing.

As I was visiting in a house of school kids and working people, I figured I'd just sip tea and sit around and get well. Except it didn't work. So by Thursday, the doctor was called and I got some serious medicine. 5 days of doses.  It took 5 days.

I am not the most patient person, when it comes to seasonal illness. Growing up in my parents' house, the nurse-mom would suffer no fools when it came to missing school. You had to be bleeding, a lot, to even interest her in a stay-home note. A little delirium would help. And, this from the former 'frail' toddler over whom she hovered. Quite the 180 degree turn by the time I tried to play her.

Her attitude DID inform me, in my attendance at my job and my children's attendance at school. Of course, the hub never missed work. He was NEVER that ill, even when he was.

So this last week has been tough on me. TOUGH. I have flopped around, sipping fluids and sleeping. A lot of sleeping.

Yes, I know. It's going around. From my cross country contacts, it's going ALL OVER around.

The worse part of this for me is that I have crashed on one of two New Year's Resolutions: I was going to write 30 minutes a day. My goal is to write out, in save able documents, a chronology of the last 5 years. I've been cooking at this idea and then finding all sorts of reasons NOT to sit down and do it. January 1 was my first day of discipline.

I discovered, however, that when my head hurts, when my sinuses cry out for me to just puncture them, I can't think well enough to write. I hope that works. It may be just another lame excuse for writer's block.

Or maybe, God wants me to slow down a bit. I'm still pretty thick when it comes to hearing Him. It often takes 3 taps on the head to get my attention. For the last week, it took a fever, a headache, a sore throat, and a cough.

(Better now.)

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