Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Celebration of a Life

Entrance to Casa Bella
 As you would expect, as Mike was preparing for his journey, friends descended with some version of "anything you need." I took them up on it.

Neighbors Mike and Scott hitched up a trailer and drove to the lake where they loaded much of the hub's hand crafted furniture. They stored it in the garage, along with choice pieces from the house.

The cradle was Mike's first piece
Then, on Sunday morning they, along with my niece Britt, arranged it all in the foyer of Casa Bella, the banquet hall attached to Pastariffic, in Kokomo. This is, in our opinion, the finest restaurant in Kokomo. I arranged to hold a celebration after Mike's funeral.
photos and displays

Britt and Allyson had torn (their words) through the house, grabbing things: Mike's high school letter jacket, our wedding album, many other photos, mementos, and etc. to adorn the furniture display.
sideboard and chair

Monday, June 17 was a full day: greeting guests at 9; funeral at 10; burial around 11:30 and THEN, the Celebration of Life from 2 - 5...and that went on into the evening.

flowers and other pretties
 I've posted some photos for any of you who were not in attendance. I was flitting around a lot but when I caught my breath, I noticed that many people spent as much time admiring Mike's work as they did sampling all the goodies in the banquet room.

After the party, the same guys lugged everything back to our garage until they could replace the items. Today, Saturday, was that day.

So, my desk is back in its place upstairs and the gorgeous sideboard and chair are back in the cottage.
 Allyson and Zachary have returned to San Antonio. BTW: today is my son's 30 birthday. Where does the time go?

Mom and I have been playing. She has introduced me to her afternoon 'sipping wine' ritual. Mom will be 90 soon. Every time she mentions something that she eats (loves hot dogs) that might now be healthy, I come back with, "Mom. You're 90. You can do what you want; it's working for you!"

 On Tuesday, the Howard County Bar Association will honor the hub in the Circuit Court. I have asked our family friend, Lynn Reed, to escort my mom and me.

Then, Mom will be off to Florida, to rest up for our big celebration of her birthday in August.

And we'll keep you posted.


  1. LOVED the Celebration of life. What a great relaxing way to catch up w/friends and get to know new acquaintances further. And admire Mike's wonderful pieces. (thankful i just had to talk--not haul HEAVY furniture :-) Great idea Lynne!

  2. Just beautiful. I wish I could have joined you. Thanks so much for sharing. It means a great deal.

  3. What a lovely way to honor your husband... his furniture was beautiful...I love the idea of a celebration of life to honor a person... it is something that brings joy to others... I can remember when my two year old granddaughter drown in their home swimming pool, I made a cluster of pictures of her posted on a board... I remember smiling as the other grandchildren gathered around pointing at the pictures and smiling at happier warmed my heart...

  4. You have no idea what they put you through to leave a comment. I'm not giving up, though. I will figure this thing out. I loved looking at Mike's work. What a talent! Love, Gwen

  5. Lynne,
    Thank you for sharing these photos. What a gifted man! He has created a legacy in wood that will last for generations. Praying for you!

  6. Still praying for you everyday.