Wednesday, May 22, 2013


We got home from the hospital on Saturday. We had our kinda-complicated schedule in hand. Hub was a bit concerned that as I lack a nursing degree, I would not be able to follow it.

Pshaw! Teachers work time schedules really well. I got out my index cards and colored sharpies. I wrote IDs on the prescription caps. The ‘take at meals’ parked at the place where we eat. The others nuzzle together in a large ramekin in the bathroom. We began to work the schedule.

Saturday night was rocky and Sunday was not much better but I stood over him and made him take what he needed to take. We ran to the grocery store to load up on things that looked good.

Then came Monday. After breakfast (and pills), we commenced on what would be  A Glorious Day.

We filled it with all sorts of things we love to do. We drove to the lumber yard in Russiaville to purchase some special planks for a special project. That place emits an aroma of cut lumber  that wafts for a mile on a windy day. Mike has become a regular over that past years….they often purchase and/or save special pieces for him and his projects.

With wood in the truck bed, we drove to our friend’s house to see his race car. This is the guy who asked Mike to restore his Lotus, another project from the last few years. 

Then, we drove to the Windmill Grill, a favorite family restaurant. Their soup of the day was a thick rosemary chicken with dumplings. Mike took one spoon and smiled. “This is really good.”

We ended up at home, in time for a quick afternoon nap. The sky was blue; the clouds looked like pulled cotton balls. I know this because Mike spread out a blanket on the yard, and we lay down, side-by-side, and watched the sky. For quite a long time. We used to do this at Wheaton College on what was called Front Campus. 

Indiana exotica
 Dinner was quick (with pills), because our next door neighbor, Mike, was waiting in the driveway. In his silver Miata. Top down. The Mikes took off to the west end of the county. Out there, we’ve heard tales of a pair of Bald Eagles. They are now the parents of a head-bouncing eaglet. Enthusiasts can stand about 300 yards away with binoculars and watch the family. And that’s what the boys did.

The drive back could follow several routes but with that little sports car, they chose the winding-through-the-woods route. Mike arrived home pink of cheek and ear-to-ear smile.

And then time for sleep. (and pills)

Tuesday was less good. We are back in the hospital as the doctors are trying to figure out some gastric bleeding. A rocky night in a room with a lousy view. However, many friends came to call. Many more called. One special call was God’s gracious answer to so many prayers. That call makes up for many medical aggravations.

So, it’s Wednesday and we’re waiting for the GI doctor. He’s going to work us in. We will then wait for decisions and treatment. 
a day to remember

And it’s raining.

BUT, Monday was one for the record books: A Glorious Day.


  1. Michael told me about the "gloriuos day" and the call during our visit this afternoon. A visit I will always treasure. Many prayers are being sent your way.

  2. Smile and smiles! Praying for you both