Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Morning in San Antonio

BRRRRRR: a blizzard warning in Indiana? I read about it on Facebook as I removed my sweater in San Antonio. 60 degrees on December 25. Miss the snow? No.

The tree in this domicile was surrounded by many wrapped gifts; as it turns out, there are many many many versions of LEGOs. And by evening, there would be a flurry of LEGO construction buzzing along.
Gramma is there, mostly, to smile and enjoy. But, low and behold, a box for me. As I torn the paper (I'm one of THOSE), I saw that something had been placed in a shoe box. "It take courage to buy a woman some shoes," I remarked. Foot-in-mouth, it WAS shoes. Wonderfully, it WAS slippers, just what a gramma needs, no matter what the temperature.

After much gift opening and sharing, it was time for the big meal, prepared by daughter and auntie, both much better cooks than their guest.

Watch out! We're nearing the last page.
Then, as we digested, Gramma got to read with Noah. Why would ANYONE pass up the chance to read to/with a child? THIS one has a whimsical gene or two which surface during any story. "Here's a riddle," he says. "What am I thinking about?" Then you get several chances to be wrong and he tells may have something to do with the current activity. More often than not, it is the start of some great story adventure with which he will regale.

Right here we are moving through a really cool book, a Star Wars pop-up book, with many layers upon layers of pop-ups. On the final page, we get to a huge Darth Vadar whose light saber changes color as it waves back and forth. Noah tells me it's because he used to be a bad guy and then he was a good guy.

My own personal kids (plus some legs)
Finally, it was time for that couch photo: you know, where the family poses, just so happy to be here, just so glad that the day is winding down.

Auntie didn't want to be recognized so she 'hid.' Didn't work, Auntie!

Christmas 2012 is now past; both of us got slippers from the grandboys. Our toes are warm today. And the Indiana snow keeps coming down.

Tomorrow is New Year's Day. For me, that means closet cleaning and tossing. I've been staring at a lot of bits and pieces, trying to sort out what I really want and what is just stuff that gathers dust. Tomorrow, the dust gatherers go.

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