Sunday, April 22, 2012

One more thing for your prayer list

I sat in church this morning as the worship leader sang

“Take my life and let it be
All for you and for your glory
Take my life and let it be yours….
Glory to God, Glory to God
Glory to God forever”

He stood center stage and sang with force and joy and purpose. It crossed my mind that this prayer is easier when the life you’re giving is a pretty good one for you. You give your life to God and He gives you health and general happiness.

And, I know, you know, that when we received God’s gift of His son, we are to offer ourselves as living sacrifices. We are to live to bring glory to God.

Let me be honest: sometimes, I’d like to rescind my part of the offer. Life? The life I live right now? The life that is defined by breathing, walking, talking, teaching, sharing, loving…..?

Right now, RIGHT NOW, in Charlotte, my sweet sister-in-law, who walks with God, loves God, and long ago gave her life to Him… leaning into His arms that are waiting to welcome her to her new home.

As my brother said, “Healing will come soon.” And until God shows them otherwise, they cling to the hope that this healing will be earthly.

The first week of August brought a chilling diagnosis: glioblastoma multiform, the deadliest and most aggressive brain tumor. They sought treatment and prayed, and trusted their Lord to take care of them. And He has. 

Janelle, a long-time blogger, has developed a readership who marvel at the many treasures she creates. ( family and friends have collections of cards and mementos from her craft room. As this new challenge arose, she continued to write about her many projects; she also turned to scripture to explain to her readers what was happening. Almost daily, you could find her quoting Psalms and praising God. She asked for healing. She identified her enemy as this brain tumor and called on God to take care of it. Janelle’s regular readers read the testimony of one of God’s champions who faced her trial with a strong faith in her loving Father.

Long months of treatment have ravaged her body but have not dimmed her smile or her faith. But last week, her doctors found new growths and suggested that treatment was no longer appropriate. She and my brother prayed about this, consulted with immediate family and decided that the time has come to step away from all that chemo poison and enjoy their time together.

My brother is a bit of a math genius so he gets statistics. He knew, early on, that her chances of beating this were slim. But he is a man of faith and with Janelle, they fought this monster with excellent medical advice. That same advice now leads them to stop. And live. 

I know, as does anyone who has faced a tough trial, that God gifts His children in extraordinary ways at times like this. Ken and Janelle, along with their children Brittany and Ian, are sharing an uncommon intimacy with each other and with the Father. 

I also know that Janelle will be eternally grateful for God’s gifts to her. She has a husband who loves her, two great kids, and extended family who long to hug her. If she read my comment about rescinding, she’d lovingly scold me a bit and then remind me that I don’t mean that at all.
Her life, which she gave to God a long time ago, is the embodiment of that worship song:

Glory to God, glory to God
Glory to God forever
Take my life and let it be
All for you and for your glory

Janelle is ALL about bringing glory to her Heavenly Father.

I know that so many of you pray for us as Mike continues to struggle with cancer. I would ask here that all of you who love God will pray for Ken and Janelle, Ian and Brit (and her husband Kenneth) as they walk this path. And, thank you.


  1. Dear Lynne, praying with you for Ken & Janelle and their kids, family, and friends. (I am one of Janelle's blog friends -- haven't met her in "real life." -- came over here from Ken's post tonight.)

    ~ Laura

    1. Thanks, Laura. We are amazed at how the 'blogosphere' can reach so many. You will meet Janelle one day. She'll be the one with the big smile.

  2. Lynne, thanks for giving my heart a voice through your words! Thanking God for you and covering both of your households with the healing power of Jesus name! Love you,


  3. With Kris, thanks for giving us all a voice... love you, janis

  4. Dear Lynne and Michael,
    I worked with Janelle and appreciated your post yesterday about Janelle and Ken. Janelle shared with me about Michael when he learned he had cancer and I have been praying for the two of you since then. Janelle kept me updated about Michael until she got sick. I'm continuing to pray for the two of you. Janelle's life prior to the cancer was and since continues to be an inspiration of living a life following Christ. Sincerely, Patsy