Thursday, May 5, 2011


This week, Mike’s date with the white leather chair was on Tuesday; Monday morning, he drove out to the hospital at 5:30 to “drink the lemonade.” This is part of the prep. for a high-contrast CT. He drove back for the tests at 9.

Dr. wanted to see if there was anything to see. Sooner or later, we expect that there will be something to see.

But not this week.

When Mike was tethered on Tuesday, his doctor pulled back the curtains, again with the big smile. Her report was that there is nothing to see.

What that means is that, right now, this cancer remains microscopic. The chemo regime is keeping the tumor at bay.

What that means is that the discomfort Mike has in his middle is NOT tumor. It may be the stent. It may be something else. But, you know? The pain has diminished considerably.

What that means is that Mike will get to play his guitar in church again.

What that means is that we can make that move north when the school year is done.

What that means is that Mike and his buddy might just take another trip to Deals Gap.

What that means is another anniversary. What that means is, possibly, another birthday bash.

What that means is that God is giving us more, more, more time.

What that means is that, once again, we are reminded that God is mighty; His timeline is not our timeline.

We are so blessed. Thank you for your continuing prayers.


  1. Two things:

    1) I can go ahead and start working on Mike's hand made birthday card, and, 2) You wanna know how much time Mike has left? Same as you and I. Exactly as much as God will allow!

  2. Glad the pain has diminished. Praying for you both, love you both!