Thursday, April 28, 2011

Movin' On Up

For as long as we've owned our cottage, we've talked about moving up the lake for the summer. It's been all talk, no matter how much either of us wanted it: Mike was working long hours and I was teaching summer school. We really thought it was something if we got out of town by 3 on Friday. That gave us enough time to get to Winona Lake and enjoy Chicken Tortilla Soup, the Friday special, at The Boathouse Restaurant.

Well, this year, summer of 2011, we're going to do it. Mike, of course, is the man of leisure. My school ends with Memorial Day Weekend. So, hopefully, our new address will be 501 Adminstration Drive.

Many of you have visited us on the shore of Winona Lake. Perhaps some more, if in the area, will drop by.

So, I'm taking you on the tour of our place, complete with many newly-made pieces of furniture.

This corner piece dates back to Mike's earliest efforts. The item on top is a pewter replica of the Hunley, a confederate 'submarine' which you can actually see in Charleston, S.C. The wooden lighthouse belongs to our grandson, Noah.

Ahhhhhhhhhh. The new recliner with matching ottaman. Also, the side table that holds my reading material.

And this, not made by Mike, is the infamous 'Sleeping Couch.' Over the years, many guests have plopped down and then fallen into deep deep sleep. We wish, now, we had committed to photographing all of the sleepers. We'd have quite the album.

I, myself, took a snook this afternoon, after planting my flower boxes with Lynne-proof vines and flowers. I need my friend, Sande, but I followed her good advice, almost as good as her golden touch.

Some of you may remember this table. It has appeared before. And, as you can see, it's behind that addictive couch.

The cottage came with these pieced stain-glass double windows. We added this panel that Mike framed

We have a nice, airy space in front. A friend once described it as 'like the Cracker Barrel in Heaven.'

Our little piece of peace sits just back from the lake. We have no television or phone. You'll need to just show up. And if you do, we'll welcome YOU to the lake.


  1. Looks and sounds absolutely divine.

  2. Loved the tour and all the additions. So happy that you and Mike will be spending so much time with your slow shoes on, in your Happy Place!

    They say time stops for no man, but I beg to differ, when we spent a week at Lake Winona, in your lovely cottage, time definitely stood still and our family reconnected in the simple joys of life.

    Praying this is the best summer ever for both of you!

  3. So glad you are going to "move" to the lake for the summer! Hope to see you!