Monday, November 1, 2010

The end of October is Fall Break for our school. Mike kept talking about ‘going somewhere’ and I kept telling him that ‘just staying home’ would be a great vacation for me.

For all sorts of reasons, my plan won. (Mike says it's because it was LYNNE DAY. He also says that EVERY DAY is LYNNE DAY.)We stayed in Indiana but took a quick trip anyway. On my suggestion, we decided to try once again to see the foliage in the south part of the state. We decided to climb into the Ciessna and flew down and over Brown County.

Mike sold his plane in early 2009. By the end of this spring, he bought back ½ ownership. It’s a great arrangement. He loves to fly his little Tweety Bird.

And it’s amazing how, um, compact is the interior. It takes me a lot of twisting the get my long legs up, around, and down on my side of the cabin. Once we are belted in, well, we are hip to hip and elbow to elbow.

So, we lifted off and headed south. As we fly over the state, you now see acres and acres of harvested fields. Tractors have left miles of parallel lines, prepping the earth for next spring. We looped around Indianapolis and on to Bloomington and the Hoosier National Forest.

Funny, as we got deeper into southern Indiana, the trees were greener. I tried to snap some photos of colorful trees but had trouble finding any significant clumps.

This means, of course, that we will need to do this again.

We banked and headed back by way of Muncie. That airport has a nice restaurant so we stopped for a late lunch.

It was only when we got back to our neighborhood that we saw nature’s fall colors in all varieties.
November will bring a return to Charlotte for Thanksgiving. Before that, Mike will have another scan. And a meeting with his doctor.
So, friends, we thank you for your continued prayers.
I hope you get to enjoy the seasons, too.


  1. What great shots! It's always a good day when one fires up the Cessna, checks the magnetos and carburetor heat and heads for the sky. I'm so glad you got to go up. I'm praying for another "no change" from Mike's next scan.

  2. Lynne - thank you for stopping by and leaving a message. I'm at: gabriela dot divine at verizon dot net. I too, have experienced difficulty locating you via anything other than your wonderful blog. I look forward to hearing from either of you when you have the time. I wish you joy on this wonderful November weekend.

  3. As Mike goes for his next scan, our fervent and earnest prayers go on ahead of you both. We plead with our loving Father to grant another completely clear scan, so that we may celebrate a continued victory of healing for Mike.

    While we walk with you through this valley, most importantly -- as you well know -- our Father holds you in the Hollow of His Mighty Hand.