Monday, June 2, 2014

What an Adventure!

It's something my Facebook friends already know: two sisters, two nieces and me: off to Rome and then onto the NCL Epic for a whirlwind trip around the Mediterranean.

It had been in the planning phase since last summer. I've posted some highlights, thanks to niece Sarah who took most of the photos AND has an international phone plan.

This is a trip that many retired teachers would love to take. My advice: spend about 6 months getting into shape. I THOUGHT I was in shape. I mean, I walk the dog every day. Well, not even close. In Rome and Florence, our first stops, there are stairs, stairs, steps, more steps, and much much walking, always uphill.

We popped a lot of Advil in our stateroom. The Coliseum, yeah THAT one, looks like every photo you've ever seen. Except, wow. There we were, in 3D. Niece Sarah is a fan of Russell Crowe and Gladiator. She was in heaven.

The 'fake' David is right there behind us.
In Florence, of course, we walked around Michelangelo's David. You can't take photos there, but out in the square, there's the 'fake David,' suitable for photos. That's US in front of HIM. Oh, you can't see HIM?
Dinner in Rome. We shared 2 entrees, 2 salads and 4 desserts.
Sangria in Barcelona.

Outside the Vatican. This was Tuesday; the Pope holds his audience on Wednesday. We saw they setting this up.
Sunrise over Mount Vesuvius
And Pompeii: Amazing. Check out facebook.
And now, home.

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  1. Thankful for the blessed trip we shared together..... bursting with JOY! Thanks for posting Lynne! Cannot wait to see you in next week at Katherine and David's wedding! XXOO