Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pray for us


Many of our blog friends have been praying for us for the last 4 years. 4 years. Imagine that.
And we know that we live within a bubble of prayer. We often recount how God has blessed us during this time. A dear lady friend said recently that as this must be hard on me, she feels sorry for that. I appreciate that.

But as I told her and I tell you all, this part of our life continues to give us so much sweetness. I have fallen deeper in love with this man than I could have imagined. Right now, this is an important part of what marriage is all about. That ‘in sickness’ thing….God has shown me how to serve my man unselfishly. When he gets grumpy…it happens…God lets patience wash over me…I can feel it.

As for your prayers, so many situations have presented the easier route for us. Also, even though we are not entitled to seeing how God’s plan works, He has lifted the veil so I can see how something happening here has an effect on something happening there. It helps grow your faith in His goodness when it’s made evident.

And yet, as I have learned in my life, when God pulls you close, when He is most real and His blessings are abundant, that’s when Satan points his sharpest arrows.

So because so many of you offer to help us, and so many of you pray for Lynne and Mike, not knowing specific needs, I will call upon those of you who pray to pray for something specific, yet unspecified.

Within our bubble of protection, we share a secret heartache. It is something beyond our control or influence; it rears its head, especially on a sunny day when for a few moments, we forget about cancer, pain, and loss.

Yes, we have prayed about it. We have sought God’s guidance. And then, we have acted on what we felt we were to do. 


We need to hand it over to God every day. Several times a day. But the heartache continues. It must be part of God’s plan. We know it is part of God’s plan. But I would ask that we can let go of the pain.  We have enough pain.

Thank you, dear friends.


  1. love and hugs and prayers! janis

  2. Prayers for the both of you and your family. Although I do not know either of you personally, I have enjoyed your blog posts tremendously. I wish I did know you. Your posts are very inspiring. May God provide the strength and comfort you need on this journey.
    Terri Helms

  3. Covering this pain in God's healing blood and believing for a resurrection! Much love XXOO Kristine