Friday, February 22, 2013

A LIttle Diversion from Business as Usual

Cute, huh?
 Last July, the daughter of a friend brought forth triplets; she had carried them almost to term. After a day or so in a NICU, she and her husband brought them home to meet their big brother, then about 20 months of age.

Yes, that's four under 2. Mom had regaled her friends with pregnancy updates, including some unbelievable photos, pre-delivery. And she continues to post and blog when she has the time.

What a treat for me: I get to drop over from time to time. Most visitors are greeted by a smiling parent, most often holding one or two or three babies. It's not uncommon, after "Hi," to hear "Here."

So, yes, I get to hold a baby or a toddler.
Two babies and Mom

Now that they are almost mobile, the living room and family room have been transformed into a baby playland. Mom reports that big brother can 'read' to his brothers from books that he has memorized.

And, so far, no squabbles over who's grabbing who's blanket or toy.

Saturday, two of the babies were up and eager at 2 P.M. 
Getting mobile.

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