Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cancer Rears Its Ugly Head

Just for fun, I follow a certain stock on my Market App. I can get a line graph that plots its progress and regress. I don’t really understand it beyond the obvious.

However, its recent activity mirrors what’s going on with me. UP down, UP down, UP UP, down down down, UP down. That’s pretty much what it’s like around here as far as our experience with Mike’s disease. We’ve had down: first diagnosis. Then UP: remission. Then DOWN when cancer required palliative measures (ERCP) on a 3 months schedule. Each of those appointments is a DOWN UP.
Throughout all, our friends have prayed for us, supported us, helped us, and ministered to us. And we have weathered on. Keeping the disease and diagnosis stored in our brains, our best plan has been to go on living, being as normal as possible.

We’ve sat, breathless, waiting for the doctor to come into the examining room to discuss Mike’s latest CAT scan. We’ve leaned forward, anxiously, only to be told that there was nothing to report. We've eased back in the chairs.

However, last Monday, that scenario changed. Dr. Moore reported that the CAT has found 2 lesions on Mike’s liver. That’s from NONE to TWO. In less than three months.

Also, the tumor marker, a protein produced by tumors which was elevated before has now doubled that higher number.
Mike’s blood chemistry has been compromised by chemo which the doctor had said Mike would use until it did not work. It now does not work.

And so we face decisions about further treatment. Mike will meet with his doctor next week to discuss this.

We thank you for your continued prayer. We will keep you posted.


  1. As always, I will continue to keep Mike and your family in our prayers.

    A good friend of mine told me that she had Business Law this semester, to which I replied, "that was my favorite class that I took", she was excited about this...a few weeks into the semester, she was complaining about how much she hated it, I asked her who her Instructor was and she told me and asked who I had had. I told her I had Mike Bolinger and although the class was harder than most of the classes I had taken, I had learned so much more in it. Mostly, because Mike had an example for everything he was teaching us, he told story, after story about clients he had had. So many times one of us would say, "Did that really happen?" and Mike would say, "Seriously, could i make this stuff up?" I still remember so many things that I learned in that class because he gave us great examples, funny examples, things that clicked in my brain when I was trying to remember. I told my friend that she had really missed out on having Mike for that class.

    As I was typing that I realized, that he is still doing it...still giving me a great example. The level of humility, charm and grace that I have witnessed through this journey is remarkable to me. I have read every word, seen the videos of Mike's testimony and clung to everything he has said about what this has taught him. I feel I am getting more out of my life because I am learning things from someone whos life is going to ultimately be cut short, but has done so much living since the diagnosis, I don't think he even realizes the lives he has touched!!

    Whatever decision you make Mike, I know that it will be well thought out and in the best interest of everyone involved, I am now and will continue to be amazed at your bravery, tenacity and ability to be an example even in pain and suffering. I am in awe of your strength!!

  2. Go Mike! At my prayer outpost in KC. Love you ...janis