Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Generic Prayers

We know at this address that there are many people out there who pray for us. When we have set out a specific need, those prayers go up in our behalf. When we do not announce the need, we know that we receive the benefit of "whatever they need" prayers.

For many prayer warriors, there are few things more faith-affirming that to ask God for something and then see that the request is answered. I meet with a small group of ladies who are faithful and gifted in making requests known to God. Together we have seen miracles come to pass through the power of prayer.

Personally, I'm better if I don't know too many details. There's such a temptation to step up as an adviser to the Almighty. "Maybe you haven't considered this.....?"

When I am out and about and run into friends, the first question I get is, "How's Mike?" After the perfunctory answer, I may get, "And who's taking care of you?"

I'll tell you: I am well-cared for these days.

I have a close circle of praying friends and family. I have a great church family looking out for me.  I have connected with some amazing Believers in cyberspace. I may not meet them in person on this side of heaven but they're out there; they check on me; they encourage me.

Mike's illness has had some unexpected effects on me. Apparently, I've been grinding my teeth in my sleep. Over the last three years, I'm chipped off 4 filled teeth. Each has required a crown. While most people don't smile as they run into the dentist, most of the time, I do.

My dentist is a long-time friend. As getting caps requires drilling, the office staff schedules me for the nitrous room. They don't even ask. I get escorted to the gold/black room; they ask me what 'flavor' I want (vanilla, please!) and up I go. About an hour later, the temporary is seated and I'm off.

And there's more. These caps are on back teeth. Really, nobody will see them except my dentist and myself: but she and her assistant labor and debate about what shade of pearl will match the other teeth. You, my friends, cannot spot the capped teeth.

In town, we have the most amazing appliance repairman. He started his business about 25 years ago, working out of his van. At that time, he would come to your house whenever it worked for you." 9 PM?  No problem.  2:45 AM?  I'll be there." As we are people who work long hours, we appreciated his hustle.

Several years ago, after calling him 4 times to fix my dishwasher(I'd gotten a 'deal' on it), I finally asked him, "What brand do you NEVER work on?" He told me. I bought that. He's never had to fix it.

He now has an office and he's problem the busiest repairman in town. I have recommended him to everybody. But, if I call, he works us in right away.

Our washer died. The Kokomo Appliance Man came over. He let me know that it was time to replace it. He takes very good care of me.

We have a local coffee shop. I try to patronize local businesses. So I drive through most days after school. There are several locations. They take such good care of me. When I drive up, I'm greeted by a smiling face and, "Your regular?"  (large fat free latte) I think they start shrooooooooooging the milk as soon as they see me.

Our neighbor brought his leaf vacuum-thing over, twice, and cleaned up our yard. He takes good care of us.

We have a lawyer friend who has a gift for saying the right thing at the right time. Better, he puts it in writing so we can enjoy over and over. Taking god care of us.

These are simple things, I know. But God whispers to me that He's taking good care of us. And I have to believe that these come as a result of generic prayers.


  1. Generic prayers indeed. Guilty, as charged!

    Much love to the both of you.

  2. You need to understand the joy those of us receive when we faithfully remember you dear ones before our gracious and loving God. He cares that we care about you!

  3. God has sent his angels to watch over you. They are truly everywhere. Hugs to you.

  4. A-men and A-men! XXOO Kristine