Monday, September 10, 2012

Rambling Thoughts

We're getting the first promises of autumn days with cool nights. After a long, hot, tree-through-roof summer, I'm ready for the change of seasons.

Fall is my favorite. Of course, there are all the colors and that crisp, fresh air. Neighbors greet each other throughout the rituals of leaf raking, landscape chopping, and that final mow. Kiddies are settling into school; parents are trying to keep up with them. And here, at the cottage (both locations) the Bolingers continue to live life.

I'm back, once again, surrounded by 17-year-olds, leading them through the wonders of our American culture through literature. Here at the beginning, some of my brighter kids are figuring out that they must DO something like, oh, homework, if they are to earn the grades they want. Sometimes, I'd swear that before my class, they earned their high grades on their abilities to be charming. They ARE charming. Some are downright flirty..."I like your shoes, Mrs. B."...I take it in stride, grimace and say, "Well, fine. Now do your homework."

Mike is teaching a new class, TORTS, to paralegal hopefuls. He came home the first day and said, "I wouldn't hire any of them." I asked him why. "Because of how they dress."

Ah yes.  I reminded him that this is college; also many kids have not been told how to dress. By anyone. "But, they might come in for an interview and never know why they didn't get the job," he said.

So, we joined forces...I created a POWERPOINT on how to dress for an office. What was I thinking? That the hub would plug in a flash drive and show this on a screen? The man who will not, WILL NOT, learn to use Blackboard.....I had to promise his boss that I would post on the platform.  No, the only way these students would benefit from my work was to make hard copies and pass them out.
So that's what happened.

We just keep moving on, working, playing, 'staying vertical' as Mike likes to say. The cancer thing is present, like an unwelcome guest. We can't ignore it but we can try to shove it into the shadows. Out and about, people ask me how my husband is doing. I tell them he's vertical. I hope that works.

But I must confess that this chronic disease is wearing on both of us. When we are tired or discouraged by something else, that guest in the corner steps forward to show its ugly face. And even as this is a beautiful time of the year, cancer won't be ignored.

How many times has some well wisher passed judgment? "Mike's got such a great positive attitude. I'm sure that's why he's still around."

They mean well. Actually, anyone who knows Mike knows that he comes from a long line of pessimists, folks who by practice, prepare for the worst. So he does not have a positive attitude. What he has, we have determined, is some work still to do.

And as those opportunities present themselves, we smile and move ahead.

Coming up in September, once again, Mike gets to play with the band at Oakbrook. He's really excited about this. Also, once again, he will be speaking at The Kokomo Huddle, a midweek meeting at the YMCA.

Ah, the Y. For years, the hub had a standing date at noon to swim with buddies. This after years of competitive swimming. When the cancer recurred (2/11), and treatment commenced, Mike decided that he must stop his swimming. And he did. But he missed it.

So, starting this week, he's back swimming laps. It feels so good. He's smiling.

We are so blessed with our many friends, folks praying for our specific needs and whatever general needs we have. We continue to live within this prayer bubble. So, thank you.

I see that it's late, for those of us who get up early. So, for now, I'll sign off.


  1. The God of beginnings and endings responds to the prayers of His people. That's why your many, many friends and supporters continue to pound on the gates of heaven asking God to remove every cell of cancer from Mike's body and to heal him thoroughly.

    I continue to ask God to hold both of you safely in the hollow of His mighty hand. I pray that He will speak peace to your minds and hearts and give you joy in every moment of every day.

    You both give testimony to God's faithfulness. And, He uses your testimonies as a powerful example of His mercy, love, and grace.

  2. "Actually, anyone who knows Mike knows that he comes from a long line of pessimists, folks who by practice, prepare for the worst. So he does not have a positive attitude. What he has, we have determined, is some work still to do."
    Lynne, these were my three favorite sentences of your post. Actually, I describe Mike as a "realist" rather than "pessimist". By training he is hardwired to try to make reasoned predictions about future events based upon available facts.