Sunday, August 5, 2012

Of Updates and BIRTHDAY Parties!!!

We've celebrated 3 birthdays for Mike since 2009. Prior to this, I don't remember ever noticing so much.

2009, in the midst of diagnosis, we smiled and met thinking, really, this would be his final party. He was frail. I gave him what he asked for -- an electronic frame filled with photos so 'when I become bed fast, I can look at them."

2010, in remission, we celebrated with many friends who crowded into our non air conditioned cottage on a scorching hot day and pretended that it was no so hot.

2011, Mike's health had become a series of palliative measures as the cancer had reoccurred. Again, amidst much celebration, we felt THIS would be his last birthday.

So here it is, 2012, 2 weeks away from #61. What to do, what to do?

My idea was to skip it. I mean, we've soaked this for almost 4 years; also his birthday falls squarely in the middle of the week when I'll be back to school. Several friends up here voiced their disappointment. I put it on a back burner.

On ANOTHER burner was an idea floated by neighbors. Our little island has been through the meteorological wringer this summer, what with storms, trees uprooted, roofs smashed, and so forth. Amidst the clean up, we chatted about how we ought to have a street party to celebrate when all the work is done.

And on a side burner, our neighbor, Mike's old friend since before high school, has been experimenting with roasting meat in a pit that he dug. He announced that he's ready for a hog roast.

In addition, besides the hub, his sister, her husband, his brother and HIS wife, plus a few non relations have birthdays that fall at the end of August/beginning of September.

THIS has gelled into the First Annual Island Hog Roast, Birthday Bash, End of Summer, Recovery Celebration: we got permission to close the end of the island to traffic, and the party is ON!
Saturday, August 25, 2012, any and all of the above will be cheered and celebrated from about 7 until midnight. Besides a hog, there will be lots of pitch ins, beverages, a live band, and who knows what else? Every time someone brings it up, new additions surface.

Island will be closed from the left end to the first side street.
So, from 501 Administration, Winona Lake, Indiana, we are sending out a general invitation to anyone and everyone who would like to come. Fine with us, come earlier and enjoy the village (closes at 6) and the lake (never closes.)

You purists will want to RSVP but really, it's not necessary. Our head count is somewhere between 50 and 500. And my neighbors and I can handle it.

Yes, Mike will mark another birthday. Amazing. And praise our God. What more does He have for the hub to do?

The rest of the update: Mike has been on chemo vacation all summer. He will meet with his doctor on Tuesday and discuss his course of action. I would ask you to pray for him (and me) on Tuesday. We are surrounded by angels and your prayers, AND we are so well cared for by his medical team.

School starts for me on August 7. YES. THIS Tuesday. Oh my. may remember that he is PROFESSOR of the Year!!.. has signed up to teach TWO courses at Ivy Tech. They are so excited to get him. The ONLY part of this that is in anyway troubling: IVY Tech requires that all professors use Blackboard this year, for attendance and grades. Mike does not know how to use Blackboard nor does he want to learn.

I signed up to learn what he needs to do and then help him. This is on my agenda for Monday.

So, much is good here.


  1. love! love! love!!! : ) the right reverand mother....

  2. Very much looking forward to being there, sounds like a great new & tasty tradition. Hope you both have a great year back at school

  3. Wanted to provide some encouragement. I was one of Allyson's looooooooong time classmates in KEY and even at Purdue for a class or two. I found the blog today and wanted to know I am praying for you all. You guys were such great parents to our KEY class and your story here is wonderful to read about in your fight. keep fighting. It is always worth it.