Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas Morning 2010

Oh so early! Little ones can't wait. Santa had come, had eaten the snack, had fed Rudolph, and had left the goodies. Don't tell a 4-year old or 6-year-old that you need a few more minutes in the sack. So, here we are, no make up, no special effects.
Our grandsons.
Our kids.

Let the festivities begin. Grampa reads Luke 2, and then onto the loot.

Legos are a big deal. Not those nice easy Legos. Oh no. NOW we have Lego sets that must be assembled, following complicated plans. (I spent 3 hours on some sort of MONSTER-On-Cycle-Who-Shoots-Cannon-Balls.) "Oh sure, I can do this."

One revelation: at 6, they wipe off the kisses.

Noah decided to help me with the MonsterLego. He has skills that I do not possess.

Shall we mention? Another Christmas with our kids.

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  1. How fun to have Christmas with the grandkids. So glad you ALL got to be there!!!