Saturday, July 10, 2010

A little speed bump

We know that you who follow us also pray for us. What a blessing.
We began the summer boldly asking for a great summer. And God has provided so much of this great summer.
Now, we come to a speed bump, something to slow us down a bit.
This week (July 10 - 15), we've marked our calendar for our 6 month recheck appointment.

Tuesday, Mike will get another CT. Then blood work.

Then, on Friday, at 9 AM, we meet with Dr. Moore to discuss results.

Here's what we've experienced in the past and would ask for your assistance again.
As we sit in the doctor's office, as our friends are praying, we experience the presence of our Father, His arms around us, His arms under ours, lifting us up.

I cannot describe the power and comfort that God gives us at that time.

So, I would ask, again, that next Friday, at 9 AM (EST), you take a moment to pray for us.

God is good. His mercies are new every morning.


  1. Yes, of course I'll be praying for you both and extra fervently at the prescribed time.