Friday, April 2, 2010

So here we are in April

At our home, we are seeking God's face daily. Hourly.

And this is a new thing. In the past, we would run to the Father when we perceived a problem that WE could not solve.

Silly children!

The adventure we're on continues to teach us many things. Chief among the lessons is our need to walk hand-in-hand with God.

So many of you have been with us. Do you realize it's been a year? April 6, 2009, was the date of Mike's surgery. Then came the dianosis. Then came the prognosis. Then came the reeling of our world, the return to our home, the stepping into an uncertain future.

And here we are. We are one year older. We are surrounded by friends, known and unknown, who pray for us. How many times have we felt your prayers palbably, as God wrapped His big strong arms around us?

We ramped back our natural tendency to plan for the future. Then, Mike nudged me toward returning to school; at least in THAT arena, I must plan. There are deadlines. Exam dates. Vacations. And etc. I must organize our class activities with 140 students in mind.

So I moved back and forth, from that planning necessity place to what our home life has become: an unrushed, less concerned-with-the-clock kind of haven.

We covet your prayers always. We have some specific needs coming up.

April 12 Mike will have more blood work done and then we will meet with his doctor on April 16. As in the past, we know now that God will be in the room with all of us. And we will keep you posted, dear friends.

Community leaders have asked Mike to be one of the principles at our National Day of Prayer observance. He will pray for the legal community and the courts.

There are some things that Mike would love to do. He fluctuates between thinking about limited time and a look to summer and some activities. We whisper these things and we pray that God will give us another summer.

However, we are more ready than we were to face what God has for us. His plan for our lives is perfect.

May you all rejoice in the Resurrection of Our Lord.

Death, where is thy sting?

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  1. Praying as you head to the doctor for results tomorrow.